Vikings slot series: Best release by Yggdrasil so far?


Yggdrasil is well regarded by players due to their consistently high-quality game output, however, the Vikings slot series has captured the imagination of players with some feeling that it is their best release thus far which are available at Umbingo online casino.

Who is Yggdrasil?

Some players may recognize the name Yggdrasil from their online slot playing experiences, however, the name actually comes from ancient Norse mythology. It means tree of life in this mythology. The meaning is appropriate for the developers however as their games are heavily inspired by Norse mythology.

Vikings slot series: Best release by Yggdrasil so far?

Yggdrasil is one of the more renowned developers out there, players will recognize their famous titles such as Valley of the Gods and Vikings go Berzerk. These titles are popular with players thanks to their unique themes, amazing payout potential, and fun gameplay. The developer originated in 2012 and has since become one of the most popular online slot developers, with a quality and consistent output of titles for players to enjoy. Yggdrasil has only continued to go from strength to strength, the future is looking very bright for the company.

Vikings slot series

Although the developer has many titles, few would argue against the fact that Vikings has become known as Yggdrasil’s flagship series of slot games. Thanks to its memorable theme and enjoyable graphics and bonuses, this series of slot games have proven to be incredibly popular with the slot gaming community.สล็อต

  •     The gaming world was introduced to this game back in 2016 with the release of Vikings Go Berzerk. This game proved to be incredibly popular with players due to its amazing theme that provided state-of-the-art visual quality to enjoy.
  •     The series has gone from strength to strength since these early releases, mainly thanks to the continued output from the developer. The most recent release in the series was the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded slot game, this title promised players more action and fun thanks to the new icy location and increased number of features that put the original to shame.

Best slot series?

While the Vikings slot series has no doubt been a popular addition to Yggdrasil’s output of slot titles, there is a little controversy that stems from naming it the best release they have ever had. This is because there is some stiff competition from previous titles. 

  1. Valley of the Gods – Similar to the Vikings series, this slot explores mythological concepts, however, this particular game focuses on ancient deities. What makes this slot game so appealing to players is the amazing RTP of 97% and the state-of-the-art graphics and animations which really bring the characters to life.
  2. Jungle Books – While the name may sound familiar, players should be aware that this game was inspired by the classic book and not the Disney film. Despite this, it is still an incredibly fun game with amazing graphics and a plethora of bonuses to play with.

Final Thoughts

While there may be some debate as to whether it is Yggdrasils best ever release, there is no doubt that the Vikings slot series certainly belongs in the conversation at least.

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