Want to make everyone wow? Learn these pro carrom trick shots


Want to win every game of carrom and show off among your friend circle? Looking to learn some of the best carrom trick shots?

Carrom is one of the popular indoor games, which is loved by people of all age groups. This is one of the games which is attached to all the Indian kids and yes, it also brings back childhood memories and moments of nostalgia. You might also have played this game in your childhood. Now, this game is available in online mode and many gaming apps offer carrom games such as carrom king, Getmega, and so on. Isn’t it amazing?

But when you play a carrom game, you might be thinking of becoming a pro player, which surprises everyone around you. Whenever you play the challenging carrom game offline as well as online, it will give you a thrill but what if you can learn some carrom tricks to make the game more challenging. 

Below we have provided you with the best carrom trick shots. Read and try to understand them to use in your game. 

The List of the Best carrom trick shots that you can learn 

Whenever you play the game, you never know how strong the other players are. Some may be much better than you and some will know the tricks to beat you. You have to prepare yourself to play for all types of players. Each player uses different striking tricks, different positions to strike, and other tricks and you never know which shot can make you the winner. If you want to beat your opponents, you just need some of the carrom trick shots, which will make you a pro in the game. However, these are the best 5 carrom tricks shots.

  • Middle Shot

If you want to start the game by impressing everyone, then you can use the middle Shot. It is the carrom trick shot, which is used to strike the pieces in the center of the carrom board. The aim of using it is to hit in the middle of two pieces so that they will be hit concurrently. This strike will make them pocketed by moving in the opposite direction and these pieces will fall into opposite pockets. 

  • Second Hit 

Second Hit is one of the popular carrom trick shots used by players both offline as well as online. But when you are playing carrom against the player who is better than you, you may have obstructions. But one way to deal with obstruction is to change your target piece and you strike different pieces and pocket them and strike irrelevant pieces. This time you can use a Second Hit shot to pocket the target piece, which is obstructing. But this shot can only be successful if the target piece and obstructing piece are in the same line as the pocket. The second hit shot needed your striking skills. You need to be an expert in striking skills to make the most of this. 

  • Board Shot

This trick is mostly used by the pro players or the players who have good experience and have knowledge about the carrom tricks shots. The board shot needs high accuracy and precision, which needs lots of practice. Otherwise, it will just waste your turn. You need to hit the striker with a large amount of force so that it will hit the board from three different sides and end up hitting the target pieces to pocket it.

  • Center Cut Shot

This is one shot that is used directly to hit the target coin, which is at the center of the board. You just have to strike the striker to hit one side of the piece. The striker will be used to pocket the piece just striking it from the opposite side. 

  • Back Shot

The back shot is used to help to pocket the coin, which can’t be shot by using common carrom tricks shots. In this shot, you have to hit the striker on the point, which is the extreme opposite to the piece that you want to shoot. When you hit the piece with extreme force, then the striker will be pushed to strike and pocket the target.


Now you have known the carrom trick shot which will make everyone wow. If you master these carrom trick shots, you will gain enough confidence to play the challenging game. If you want to play the carrom game online, you need to use these tricks in some other ways. These carrom trick shots will help you in winning the game.

If you will play and practice carrom online, you can win exciting rewards as well as real money. Getmega is designed in such a way that both beginners, as well as pro players, can play the games. Even in practice games, you can win rewards. It makes the players excited and you can play with anyone and also of the same level.

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