Why Promotion Should Be Real And What It Has To Do With Social Proof On Social Media?

Everybody knows what social proof is, yet not so many people realize that it’s tightly bound to promotion on social media and to what exactly you’re posting in your profile.


Everybody knows what social proof is, yet not so many people realize that it’s tightly bound to promotion on social media and to what exactly you’re posting in your profile. It’s simple: the more likes, followers, views, comments and other signs of approval you have, the better is your content in the eyes of other users. When it comes to TikTok, it’s all about likes and views: we’d say, about likes mostly.

Huge numbers of likes underneath your videos make other people want to check them out: it’s just psychology, nothing new, and that’s why including an opportunity to buy TikTok likes into your promotion on TikTok is essential and has to be done in order to achieve decent results. There are several points to keep in mind though: where do you buy real likes, why do you have to buy real likes and what you should avoid on your way towards TikTok popularity. Keep on reading!

Fake likes that come from bots are seemingly great for filling your account and making your videos seem extremely popular, yet these are useless when it comes to interaction with a real audience. When you buy bot likes you don’t invest into your profile’s nice online future, you just stack on thumbs up that will make no weather for your audience gains at all.

Fake thumbs up can’t tell you how much real people love your content, these can’t help you to sell any products or services if this is an aim of yours. That’s exactly why buying real likes only will help: these will attract real people to your profile and will make them interact with your content at a certain level. The level depends on what type of content you’re posting if it’s engaging and appealing enough for versatile circles of people to love it.

To buy real thumbs up you need to search: for a company that would sell them with a nice price and good level of technical support. Not so many people have enough time and effort to do so, that’s why we’ve decided to write this article in the first place; we want to tell you about the company that cares for its clients, sells quality and decent promo services only and tries to make people completely satisfied with achieved results. We are Soclikes and we are active on the market of promo services for quite a while — we have worked with people of very different aims on various social media platforms and our workers know exactly what to do to make your TikTok profile grow exponentially but naturally, without attracting unwanted attention from this platform’s tech team.

Why Soclikes?

Really, why should you choose us over other alternatives? There are several reasons for this, the main one being: we can guarantee great results and total safety of your account and your personal data. We do not use our clients’ passwords or anything else that should be kept private; all we need is a link and your choice of a certain number of likes. That’s it.

From the moment that you order thumbs up, we’re going to deliver them in 24-72 hours, depending on the size of the package. All of them will come naturally because actual real people will come to your profile and will leave you likes; we never use bots or any special software, only cooperation and communication with real people.

We set very nice and relatively low prices to packages of thumbs up and other promo services, trying to make purchases as convenient for our customers as possible. We also have chats and social media pages so our customers could be kept in touch with newest beneficial offers and sales: sometimes they get a possibility to get a discount that’s up to 70% off the original price. That can really help those who take online promotion seriously and understand that it should last during a certain time, supported by several different promo packs. And yes, if you want to gain quicker and more tangible results, you should think about buying several packages for your TikTok profile: you can combine likes with followers and views, that combo will get you towards success way quicker, just trust us.

So, now you know why buying real thumbs up is that important for having maximum social proof and zero suspicions from the technical team of the platform. For some people, the online promotion might seem a little bit hard and intense, but trust us, it is not — especially if you use some help from professional promoters who know what exactly they’re doing to reach certain results. We are always here for your questions, offers and orders — hit us in the chat on Soclikes.com and we’ll be here to help!

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