3 Useful Sales Funnel Examples You Can Replicate

Are you learning the sales funnel? Are you finding some examples that refer to the sales funnel? So what are sales funnel?


Are you learning the sales funnel? Are you finding some examples that refer to the sales funnel? So what are sales funnel?

Sales funnel is a funnel that works for increasing your sales and increasing your traffic as you know sales funnels can provide a great marketing profit so if you are down in business you just have to switch to Clickfunnels so you can get access of sales to funnel and can rebuild your business to the top.

3 Useful Sales Funnel Examples You Can Replicate

3 Useful Sales Funnel Examples You Can Replicate

Hence if you are planning to have or want to increase traffic on your website this funnel is the best option for you, you can even decorate and design your site or give offers to your customers so they can come again and again to your website.

With that said, let’s jump right back to the business as you know sales funnel is highly recommended for every online business and can become the most important thing in the business but some people do not know how to play with a sales funnel to increase the rate of the customer on the page. Useful Sales Funnel

So if you are interested we have arranged three useful examples that will definitely help you in understanding all about the sales funnel and how you can use it to replicate your page.

1. Basecamp

Base camp is a company that works on websites and web applications as they are at the top of the companies list. We wouldn’t get a better example than this because their sales funnel is so straight and well designed that every customer will love to see and work with them again and again.

They track their customers through organic website traffic such as blogs, referrals and PR. as they are growing bigger and bigger day by day if you see their home page you will easily and immediately be attracted to what they have stored for you.

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Hence social media helps them in growing their customers as well by handling their account growth. On top of that, they always give you the right information about themselves, what they do, who they really are and how you can use them to do your work.

For more free passes they attract their customers by giving them a 30-day trial as for a little email that will help in growing them in the future.

Social market or media can be proof of something’s existence as you put hands on the Basecamp you cannot go back as you will not have the will to leave without having any work done by them.

2. Hello fresh

HelloFresh is a meal delivering company that made theirs by just simply delivering food to companies and giving service in many big events all over Ameri

They are recognized by every single person in America and judging by their meals they have become a household name from their services.

There is not a lot that does not know about this company as they have invested in every single marketing such as ads, social media and many others that are available.

If you are doing business with them there is one thing that will make you more and more excited every day when you will visit their site.Useful Sales Funnel

When you are on their site you will nothing but a button and some texts written, they will not give you any signing in such of crap they will let you see their plan first so you can be comfortable and on that page, you will find more than plans and menu, you will find coupons as well so you can get discount offers as well.

HelloFresh is the king of marketing when it comes to sales funnel as their page will give their new customers coupons to make them join and for the old customers they give them free food when make someone join and when you leave without showing no interest you are greeted with a high-value coupon that is hard to pass up.

3. Groupon

This company is not so big but their sales funnel is an example to show how people are interested in buying a product. To make traffic visit their sites Groupon prefer social marketing, ads, retargeting, email marketing and many other marketing options.

In this time everyone knows Groupon but when you see their site you will find coupons first so the customer would get attracted and start shopping. If you are interested in sales funnels, check out the Clickfunnels $37 plan, you will love to see it.

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