Choice and Engineering

Choice and Engineering remains two ironic words when it comes to your parent’s opinion but will be a relative term when it comes to students who see


Choice and Engineering remains two ironic words when it comes to your parent’s opinion but will be a relative term when it comes to students who see their visions via an engineering course.

Choice and Engineering

Over 65% of the high school graduates are opting out for engineering studies and yes, it has been overpopulated for quite some time now. Owing to this fact, there are numerous engineering colleges in India, just to suffice the needs and also just to mint money. Hence, it all boils down to a point, “How do I choose a good engineering college?”

Choice and Engineering

Students should look at several factors before making up their minds to enter that particular college. This never applies to central government-aided universities such as NIT’s, IIT’s and IIIT’s whose standards are under no circumstances to be doubted. Students can also opt for state government aided universities such as Anna University, VTU, Calicut University, etc. which offer courses with utmost high standards. But all can’t get a seat in these colleges, so what’s the scenario now?

Around 80% of aspirants who wrote JEE mains will apply for popular private university examinations such as VITEEE, SRMJEE, Manipal JEE, etc. in an aim to secure themselves a seat irrespective of JEE Mains results. This is a more prudent move for aspirants who aren’t very confident with JEE Mains results. However, we get to be up against another hard-fought competition there. So what’s next?

Choice and Engineering

When you have put together the rest of the colleges present in India, you’ll experience a crunch in admissions. Now, how to choose the best amongst them? One you can consider for their reputation, such as SSN, Roorkee College of Engineering, RVCE, etc. or you can narrow down your field of study and lookout for the best colleges for the particular course. We will discuss a few tricks and tips on determining the ideal choice.

Meeting Your Minimum Expectations:

Now follows the significant part of our case study, “What does a student expect from the college?”. Fascinating topic to ponder upon provided that every aspirant will expect their own. Undoubtedly, there’s only one institute that can tick all boxes of expectation and that can be only IIT. So aspirants who are having a certain set of expectations such as freedom to express, top-notch infrastructure, top recruiters, advanced labs, student life, cultural + technical balance, etc., get yourself prepared to ace the mains and advanced exams.

However, there are many such universities and engineering colleges in India that promise you similar facilities and you need to target them. But how? You need to perform a study of all opportunities in front of you and prepare accordingly. Never complain about time availability as there are a consecutive 2 months to carry out the research and get into the university that fascinates you.

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You need to majorly look at the course structure and the placement visiting companies along with passing out people reviews. You can’t constantly expect the passed out graduates to be optimistic, but you can pick some positives out of all.

Take a deep look at the facilities offered and the staff’s qualifications for the particular course of study. Staff with higher qualifications will possess a vaster knowledge of the subject, and it is absolutely up to you on how to extract the same, ignoring their taunts. Never judge a college by its popularity amidst the students as sometimes as it will lead to massive disappointments.

Making the Ideal Choice:

The base research work that you’ll be doing during the 2 months break will remain the platform that will escort you to the university you desire. It’s better to list out options and have backups so that you don’t execute any decisions in a hurry. Hasty decisions will befall a satisfactory one for a short period one, but will inevitably be a lifelong regret.

Keep in mind that there are numerous colleges under the state government aided nodal university. While some colleges will have a similar course structure as the nodal university or as dictated by the nodal university, some colleges do have their own but their operations remain affiliated under the nodal university. Some best colleges under the nodal universities such as Anna University, VTU, University of Uttarakhand, Savitribai Phule Pune University, etc. are SSNCE, PSG College of Technology, Roorkee Engineering college, RVCE, etc. which are autonomous but remain affiliated to their nodal university for operations and certification.

Choice and Engineering

And they’re called as best not only for the reason that they’re affiliated to the nodal university, it’s because of the facilities and the placement opportunities along with the annual results they produce. These colleges have higher results % and yes this indeed creates an impression about the staff and study culture followed.

Along with that students also check out for their cultural development within the campus and off-campus. Some colleges do lack off-campus cultural facilities but they will have excellent sports infrastructure and lab facilities.

All colleges are ranked by NIRF and are accredited by the NAAC, who represent the reputed university/college accreditation boards, founded by the University of Grants Commission, India, funded by the central government of India.

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They rank the colleges according to the criterions such as infrastructure, faculty knowledge and strength, women empowerment factors, student ratio, cultural activity, laboratory facilities and curriculum standards which are followed by the college. Students can check on these ranks to check where their college ranks and make a decision based on it.

It’s always essential to remember that choices should be made wisely and not hastily. Conscious choices will inevitably involve heavy background work and analysis whereas hasty decisions always lead to deeper regrets. Engineering course is something that requires conscious choices and not hasty decisions because there’s always someone behind you hesitating your moment of brain fade.

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