3 Ways to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Comfortable, well-fitting shoes are a must when you’re running, hiking, playing sports, or engaging in another physical activity.


Comfortable, well-fitting shoes are a must when you’re running, hiking, playing sports, or engaging in another physical activity. On the other hand, wearing shoes that don’t fit well is associated with a number of negative outcomes including foot pain, ingrown toenails, and reduced mobility.

In this article, we’ll cover three easy ways to make your shoes more comfortable in order to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Make sure to check out our collection of women’s arch supportive sneakers if you’re looking for a new pair of shoes.

Break Them In

Some shoes need to be broken in more than others, but this is an important step for virtually any kind of shoe. If you engage in strenuous exercise the first time you wear a new pair, they may still be too tough and inflexible to support your full range of movement. In turn, this can lead to injury as well as discomfort.

Before wearing a new pair of shoes to exercise, take some time to wear them around your house, in your yard, or throughout your neighborhood. After a few days, you should be ready to take them out without hurting your feet.

Buy Insoles

You can keep the original soles if you find them comfortable, but insoles can help perfect your fit while tailoring the shoe to your foot’s unique shape. Custom insoles can be expensive, but they’re often even more effective than pre-made insoles that may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

Like shoes themselves, insoles and orthotics are often meant to be broken in before being used for exercise. If you’re dealing with consistent foot pain, a custom orthotic could be the perfect way to make your shoes more comfortable.

Switch Socks

It’s easy to throw on a random pair of socks before exercising, but you should always be careful to find the right socks for the occasion. If you’re planning to hike, consider investing in some heavy, cushioned socks that will protect your feet from uneven terrain.

Hikers and runners should also take temperature into account when looking for the right pair of socks. Cotton socks, for example, can overheat your feet and absorb sweat over the course of your exercise. Materials like wool, nylon, lycra, and acrylic are more effective when it comes to maintaining a cool temperature and wicking away any moisture.

The vast majority of Americans report experiencing foot pain, but most of us don’t take any concrete steps to fix it. These tips will help you avoid injury, minimize pain, and optimize your athletic performance by making your shoes more comfortable. Don’t forget to browse our collection of men’s comfortable sneakers if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes.

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