Home Working With Kids – How You Can Wear Both Hats Effectively

Even though homeworking has been a “thing” for over 12 months now, adapting to remote work can be a challenge for everyone.


Even though homeworking has been a “thing” for over 12 months now, adapting to remote work can be a challenge for everyone. This is particularly true for working parents that do not have the advantage of childcare, and as a result, have to balance parenting and work obligations.

This article outlines some simple tips that are easy to implement but can make life a lot easier for working parents. The even better news is that more and more companies are coming up with a range of innovative solutions for working professionals to wear both hats even at the same time!

Create an office or workspace

This may be easier said than done for people that live in smaller houses or apartments, but even creating a small desk area within your lounge or kitchen can make life easier and help you separate work from home. To help avoid potential distractions, it is also advisable to use different computers and devices so that work and home ones are separate.

Creating this kind of arrangement beats working on your sofa or kitchen table because the normal association with those areas is family time. This can impact not only your productivity during work time but your ability to switch off during family time.

Creating demarcation within your home, however subtle, can help make sure the kids know when you are busy and when you are available. Or for working parents with younger children, useful gadgets such as this infant swing can make life infinitely easier.

Be creative with your hours

Employers and workers that are finding remote working the most productive are the ones that have shifted the old 9-5 mindset.

Some parents take one-off-one-on rotations on an hourly or two-hourly basis, or some work mornings and the other the afternoon. Either way, finding a balance to allow alternation is one of the most effective ways of balancing work with childcare.

One of the keys for this approach to work is to focus on the tasks you need to get done and the outcomes you need to achieve, and not the hours you work. Doing a good job on the key tasks you need to get done is far more important than clocking time.

Get into a routine

Maximizing your productivity when working from home is best achieved by getting into a professional routine. Everything from waking up and showering as if you are going out of an office to working out and eating healthily combine to create the most productive environment.

Showing these habits and making them a daily routine will also help your children and family separate when working from when you are available for family time.

Throw into the mix that a good routine will make you more productive with work and is good for your health, and it is a no-brainer!

Try to enjoy it!

Working from home is many peoples’ dreams. Combining the best of both worlds without the cost, time, and stress involved in a commute can be the ideal situation if managed well. This short article has given a few top tips for just that. A more detailed remote work survival guide is right this way if you need more guidance.

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