5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Bathroom


Longing for a beautiful and organized bathroom but don’t want to embark on a lengthy renovation? Discover simple tips to declutter your bathroom and turn it into a place perfect for cleansing your body and mind.

1. Replace bathroom tiles without demolition

Reviving your bathroom tiles is much easier than replacing them. There are loads of relatively easy solutions that can breathe new life into a dingy bathroom, such as stencil prints to put over tiles, or vinyl self-adhesive sheets for worktops. When choosing a covering, pay particular attention to the installation – smooth every bubble to ensure a seamless finish. Also, make sure whatever you choose is water and humidity-resistant!

If you want a totally new finish for your tiles, but don’t want the hassle of retiling the entire space, you can paint them. Just treat them first with a primer, and remember to ensure the edges are neat.

2. Storage matters!

Don’t neglect storage space – it’s vital for a clean space. If all your products are left lying around, it can give the impression of clutter, so store all unsightly lotions and potions behind cupboards or in drawers, and consider buying in-drawer organizers to maximize tidiness! Small storage is important too, for countertops. We love clear pyrex containers for cotton buds and such. Of course, you can always leave your best-looking skincare out – a few bottles will look lovely displayed on an ornamental dish or tray next to the sink, should you have room.

3. Colour matching

If you want a bathroom that becomes your oasis of calm, focus on colour and coordination. The well-matched decor will lend a harmonious atmosphere to any room. Try to avoid buying different types of handles for cabinets or drawers – this could give the bathroom a fragmented look. Choose a colour scheme you love, and stick to it. We recommend a lighter colour for tiling and a soft tone such as olive green or grey for cabinets. To add some individuality, you can add small pops of colour with accessories such as vases, art prints, or scented candles!

4. Bring nature in

We always advocate for natural materials such as bamboo or teak in the bathroom – just make sure it’s treated properly to avoid molding. Adding as much greenery as possible is great, too! Choose plants that love humidity and they will thrive in the bathroom, provided you have enough light. If not, you can buy UV lights that simulate the sunlight and allow your plants to thrive!

5. Perfect lighting for both morning make-up and evening relaxation

The ideal light for bathrooms is one that you can control the intensity of. You can easily adapt it to daytime activities such as make-up or shaving, but also to evening relaxation. The mirror by the sink is well suited to bright LED lighting, which is not only practical but also economical and long-lasting. For overhead lighting, go for a warm tone, preferably with a dimmer switch. When choosing your lights, be particularly interested in the IP rating. The higher the number, the more resistant the light is to mechanical damage or penetration of moisture and water.

Transforming a bathroom is not difficult and can be done without total demolition and costly renovation. Often all it takes is a few cleverly placed, stylish accessories, or simply some new storage. We know any remodel can sometimes feel overwhelming – especially with all the options out there for furniture! That’s why we recommend using FAVI! A new search engine for home & garden, they collect the best products from multiple great retailers on one site. Perfect for creating your dream space!

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