5 Types Of Cosmetic Surgery You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Let’s prefix this post by saying one thing: there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery as long as you go into it for the right reasons.


Let’s prefix this post by saying one thing: there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery as long as you go into it for the right reasons.

There are a huge number of reasons why someone may wish to get cosmetic surgery, be it to fix a problem that wasn’t their fault (due to an injury, for example) or maybe just to make them feel better about a particular body part.

There is no place for judgment here.

Body Mods Have A Long History

While you may be thinking that body modification and cosmetic surgery is a new fad, they have actually been around for millennia.

The ancient peoples of Scotland (The Picts) were said to have been tattooed, and let’s not forget Ötzi the Iceman, who was found with tattoos thought to perhaps be guide markers for acupuncture.

Cosmetic surgery and body mods are here to stay, and here are five you may not have realized you can get.

Hair Transplants

Do you feel like your hair is receding or going a bit thin on top? Hair transplant surgery is actually much more popular than you’d imagine, with more people opting to not lose their hair every day.

Hair transplants have come a long way and now boat an almost 98% success rate. Check out this hair transplant photo gallery for some inspiration on how hair transplants have improved the lives of normal people.

Eyebrow Tattoos and Microblading

For women who like the ‘full brow’ look, getting them tattooed or microblade on could be the answer to your prayers.

The key difference with both procedures is that tattoos are permanent and use ink, whereas microblading is semi-permanent, using pigments and a fine ‘blade’ shaped needle for a more natural look.

Bicep Implants

Yes, you read that right. Bicep implants are a thing!

Not just for those who are too lazy to work out (remember, no judgment), bicep implants can help to create a fuller look and boost self-confidence.

It’s not cheap, though, with a price range from $8,000 right up to over $15,000, depending on whether you opt for custom implants.

Tongue Splitting

Now we get into the really fun cosmetic surgeries that you didn’t know about, and one of the more ‘shocking’ is tongue splitting.

Just as the name suggests, this means creating a split down the center of the tongue, effectively making a forked end (just like a snake) with each side moving independently.

If you’re thinking that sounds like fun, be warned that the procedure is very painful, and, in most states, it is illegal unless performed by a medical practitioner.

Nipple Tattoos

Why would anyone need a nipple tattoo, you ask? For many women who have gone through cancer treatment and needed a mastectomy, the loss of the nipple can cause serious body image concerns, even with an implant to replace the missing breast.

Nipple tattoos are a great way to bring the look of a nipple back and improve self-confidence in women who opt for this kind of body modification.

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