5 Ways Exectutive Assistants Can Prepare for AI Integration


As technology continues to push the bounds on what people and machines can accomplish when working together, many fear that the machines will replace manpower and employment positions across industries. With the attention on artificial intelligence, there are many more worrying about job security and how to protect their role from being taken over by a machine that can mimic human cognitive functions. Executive assistants, in particular, are feeling this threat, as new software developments and apps can accurately replicate the work of a human EA. The changes won’t happen overnight, but the rate of tech evolution is going to continue having a significant impact on the work environment. Here are a few ways EAs can adapt to the changes and even embrace them for the assistance they will bring.

5 Ways Exectutive Assistants Can Prepare for AI Integration

Remember the Key Differences

Though you are worried about job security, don’t assume a position or perception of inferiority to an AI-powered machine. While it may process thousands of pieces of data within seconds, it doesn’t render your abilities or services any less useful or important. Complex algorithms that are programmed into a machine with incomprehensible processing speeds are naturally going to be able to accomplish more than you and potentially with more accuracy. However, it is a black and white thinking process. You, as an EA, bring emotions, personality, and intuition to your role and relationships. So far, AI and machines haven’t been able to figure these things out.

Focus on the Advantages

When it comes to viewing AI technology, be an optimist. You would be surprised at how many things in your life are already using AI. The virtual phone app, Alexa, and even Netflix use AI to power their services. Within the workplace, devices and services that use this tech can make your job easier. You can spend less time on the phone with Ninja number and you can free up countless hours preparing reports by running them through an AI-software. Your role as an EA won’t be replaced by AI. It will simply be enhanced. You can use the robot employee (for intents and purposes) to tackle large, difficult tasks that are both time-consuming and frustrating.

Give Yourself More Value

When you can let go of menial, low-value tasks to AI, you put yourself in a position where you will bring your executive and the organization more value. Rather than putting in hours every day being task-driven, you can approach your work from a quality-driven perspective. Your strategic thinking becomes a focal point in decision-making and you let your intuition guide your insight. With AI freeing you up from time-consuming tasks, you have time to devote to speaking your mind and sharing your opinions. As a senior leader, you can have a unique position that allows you to see both the small and big picture needs of the company. This makes your input more worthwhile. With AI to help you, your opinion doesn’t get buried under a stack of reports or stuck on the phone and fielding calls.

Get Trained

If you are really worried about what is going on the field of AI, take advantage of every opportunity you can to educate yourself. Attend webinars, travel to conferences, read articles, or watch interviews online. Subscribe to newsletters from leading tech companies or follow key industry influencers online. With all of the hype that AI is creating across the industries, there is no lack of information out there. Look at some of the industry leaders within the EA field and see how they are adapting the influence of AI. Follow the success of companies who are using AI and see how making changes could positively impact the company where you are.

Create Demand

Just as competing businesses look for ways to stand out from the competition, you need to take the same approach with AI. You have to become more than your competition in thought, form, accuracy, and identity. Use your skills and personality to create value and a place for you. A machine can’t add the personal touch to the office greeting card or show appreciation for employees that are doing well. You may have organizational skills that are needed around the office. Pick an area where you excel and where AI can’t compete to make yourself noticeable and indispensable. The key is to find positive qualities or attributes that will stand out on a resume, through a reputation, or in the office.

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