What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing: To communicate with clients, companies use various marketing methods, one of which is bulk SMS mail out.


To communicate with clients, companies use various marketing methods, one of which is bulk SMS mail out. With the help of SMS marketing, businesses will be able to interact with their customers from all over the world, offering them services, sending them news and notifying about various promotions. Bulk SMS for marketing purposes can be used by everyone, and you can be sure that it will reach the recipients.

SMS Marketing

SMS advertising is one of the most reliable ways to communicate with your target audience. With this marketing tool, you will be able to access such innovations as information consolidation and Internet address book services.

Bulk SMS: what you need to know to start?

Before implementing mass mailing, you need to create a list that will contain phone numbers of your potential customers. The main thing is that they are interested in receiving messages. If the client doesn’t consent to receive a newsletter, then your message may be sent to spam, and marketing costs will be useless.

The next step is to create a marketing strategy. In it, you need to specify the target audience and select the action that each client has to perform. It is important for potential customers to have words or buttons that call to action. This can be a referral to consultation, a purchase of a product, a link to your site. It is also worth considering creating a sense of urgency; for this, indicate specific dates of the end of the promotion or the start of sales. For example, you can tell them that the promotion will start in an hour and run until midnight.

SMS marketing is the most important component of the marketing strategy of any company. Using the business text service, you can send messages anywhere in the world via special channels. Your SMS will be delivered on time, and customers will always be aware of your company’s special offers.

Bulk SMS marketing: who should use it, when and why?

Many organizations use bulk SMS mailing to communicate with their customers:

  • banks;
  • mass media;
  • airlines;
  • clothing stores;
  • health care providers;
  • large Internet sites.

Text message service for business is required to provide specific information to all its clients at once. It can be either a simple reminder or a warning about an urgent promotion or the need to pay bills. This is the most efficient and fastest way to get notified.

There is 98% chance that messages that come to mobile phones will be read. Bulk mailing is a great way to increase both sales and your income. You can conduct interaction with your clients in a way convenient for you, as well as have an opportunity to study the sales funnel or receive new information about the development of your business.

Bulk messaging is a great platform for organizing an advertising campaign that will help users to better remember your brand and make purchases from you. For this, various games, polls, Q&As are suitable. This will help attract visitors not only to regular stores but also to your company’s website pages.

But these are not all features of sending SMS in bulk. The messages can deliver information to parents of school children. Hotels and restaurants invite regular customers by offering them new services or discounts. Movie theatres and art galleries can also use the bulk SMS service to announce the start of a new movie or an exhibition.

To improve the efficiency of customer interactions, you can use a bulk mail gateway and a mass texting tool. How will such SMS notifications help with your business?

  1. They can remind customers of important information. Users living in a non-stop mode need timely and prompt notification of the main points in the work of the organizations with which they interact.
  2. They will increase sales. New products and services can be presented via mass SMS mailings, which will help increase customers’ interest.
  3. They keep clients informed. The target audience should be aware of the main news, and be at the center of events.
  4. You can send out mass texts to notify about problems. Customers should be aware of service issues, receive information about temporary inconveniences or technical work that could cause your sites or offices to stop working. Remember to mention when the company will be back to normal.

The bulk SMS sender is not limited by the size of your business. No matter the scale of an organization, everyone can use SMS marketing to communicate with their customers. A well-compiled message will attract the interest of a potential consumer, and you will notice a steady increase in conversions on your site.

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