6 Best Webinar Software to Use in 2020


Best Webinar Software: As the number of days in lockdown is increasing, the world is shifting more to the digital platform. Everyone is using digital ways to interact and engage with each other in every possible sector. The best way to communicate and link with people is a webinar.

With this changing digital transformation, there could be many challenges too and in order to avoid those challenges, one should use safer sites like RouterLogin site to maintain a safe and stable network so that their webinars are not disrupted or their information stays safe.

Best Webinar Software of 2020

Few challenges of using webinars could be a limited number of physical interactions between people as everything is happening online, poor Network connection as technical problems are never-ending, long waiting rooms for the host to start a meeting.

6 Best Webinar Software to Use in 2020

Here are six best webinar software which you can use in 2020:-

1. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is one of the best apps available right now. It is easy to use for the beginner. One of the best reviews about this app is sound and video quality, which is very clear. Here you can easily mute your participants without softening the one asking questions. It is straightforward to organize and edit any scheduled Webinar.


Few features of GoToWebinar are:

  1. We can listen through one-touch dialling
  2. Users can participate in polls and ask questions through raising their hand
  3. We can easily view active people through webcams
  4. HD quality video and very smooth voice
  5. Easy to join or conduct for beginners.
  • Uses a lot of data.
  • Sometimes signing in is a problem.
  • The lower back has 100 participant’s limitations.

2. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is another great app, Which will help you to conduct your webinar very easily and conveniently? According to a recent survey, Cisco Webex delivers about 6 billion meetings every month. It is easy to use.Cisco Webex Meetings

Few features of Cisco Webex Meetings are:

  1. Video layouts could be customized
  2. Join and present from any meeting, event, or training session
  3. The screen could be shared with everyone
  4. Voice commands with Google Assistant
  5. Meetings could be scheduled.
  • Impossible to connect with other devices
  • Network issue

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3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular apps used for webinars these days. One of the essential features of Microsoft Teams is it helps to organize files and projects easily. It is very secure and could be used easily for sectors like school, college, office, etc.

Microsoft Teams

Few features of Microsoft Teams are:

  1. to handle team projects with file editing and sharing
  2. HD audio and video
  3. It can save essential conversations and customize your notifications
  4. Easy to find chats and team conversations, according to your need
  5. Chat privately or in groups
  • Permission setting is challenging
  • Files structure could be confusing

4. ZOOM Cloud Meeting

Zoom is one of the most-used apps for webinars in 2020. Zoom is a very uncomplicated app. People could easily join the meeting by clicking on the shared link by the host. One feature which makes zoom more popular is, it is free of cost for 40 minutes per connection.

ZOOM Cloud Meeting

Few features of ZOOM CLOUD MEETING is:

  1. It can easily invite the phone through a link or zoom Id password
  2. People could join as an interactive participant or view-only
  3. webinar attendee
  4. Easy screen share
  5. Free meetings until 40 minutes
  6. Appointments could be scheduled
  • The basic version allows only 100 people
  • A good internet connection is required
  • Security issue.

5. GoToMeeting

Attending online events is as easy as tapping a link. This software could be used in different devices like phone, tablet, iPad, and many more. Screen sharing is effortless. It is painless to integrate with Outlook and to send meeting invites as calendar appointments.


Few features of GoToMeeting are:

  1. Joining session is easy, no sign up is required
  2. Presentation control to other attendees
  3. It alerts when a meeting is about to start
  4. Commuter Mode to save up to 90% data
  5. The hosting panel is free.
  • Sometimes there is an audio problem
  • Recording calls could be a problem for new users

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6. BigMarker

BigMarker is known as the best software for the virtual summit and conference. It can engage with the 10,000 audiences at once. Users could also create an interactive session of a webinar by Q and A, polls, etc.


Few features of BIGMARKER are:

  1. 7-day free trial period
  2. Q&A sessions, chats, polls, handouts, etc.
  3. Deals in 135+ currencies.
  4. Video at HD quality and screen sharing
  5. Stream multiple cameras feed to Facebook & YouTube Live.
  • Resizing pictures is a problem
  • Quality is less than ideal.


There are end numbers of software in the market, and we have told you six best webinar software of them with all pros and cons. The right webinar for you will be decided based on the features you are looking for in the webinar. These are the few best of them, and you should at least give one trial to them.

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