5 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships with SEO and Marketing Automation

SEO and Marketing Automation. So, let us understand the 5 ways in which you can build better customer relationships with SEO and marketing automation.


SEO and Marketing Automation: Marketing is a game-changer that no business owner can ignore. It has been a part of every successful business ever since the business of doing business even began! The only thing that has changed is the way we market our businesses and the tools or the technology that marketers now use. With the advent of the digital age, there have been a plethora of trends that have highlighted an evolution of sorts.

We are now living in the information age with amplification of opportunities. Yet, there is a catch. One must use this information in a relevant way to make use of those opportunities. This is all thanks to the increased level of competition that stiffens and increases, year after year.

SEO and Marketing Automation

This has also propelled new trends and technologies in terms of reaching, engaging, converting and maintaining a steady consumer base in the digital world. Many of us may be familiar with terms like SEO, marketing automation, and other such terms. While we think of these as isolated trends that we could possibly make use of, when we have the time, the successful entrepreneurs are those who recognize these as a part of a larger gamut that must be prioritized at all costs.

Upon entering 2020, it has become very clear that IoT of the Internet of Things is here to stay, and to evolve. So the fact of the matter is that we must evolve with it. That is why we have been seeing an advent of more and more businesses that are ready to build SEO technologies and unique content, marketing automation software, email marketing automation and even offer customer service tips.

5 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships

SEO and marketing automation as the keywords here that can propel your business to greater heights and in a much faster way, if you are willing to invest enough of time and resources in the same. So, let us understand the 5 ways in which you can build better customer relationships with SEO and marketing automation:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO first burst upon the scene a decade or so ago when Google gained more and more prominence over all else in the World Wide Web. With the growth in the number of companies and brands that were ready to spread their wings and make their online presence felt, it was now time to filter the right information for the right person who was searching for a specific thing. Now, businesses wanted to show up in those specific searches because the people behind those searches were their prospects and their future customers. Therefore, SEO began to grow.

Over the years, Google and other search engines have made a number of changes to what we know as algorithms so that the search results are more relevant than ever and only those who are practising genuine SEO would show up in the searches. This points at better customer relationships because this is the first relationship that you forge with your prospect before he or she converts.

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With the right SEO which includes backlinks, keywords, meta descriptions and much more, you are reaching and engaging with your prospect in a real way and catering to their search for a solution to something they are facing, which your product or service can fix.

With SEO in your arsenal, you can show them how you can definitely add value to their lives with your offerings. And with consistent SEO, you can grow your own reputation and authority in your niche to earn those customers who would come looking for you specifically.

2. Marketing Automation

On its own, SEO would only be able to do half the job – considering the competitive online environment in which businesses are now trying to thrive and grow. The need of the hour is to forge more meaningful interactions and engagement with functions that can automatically retain information and reach out to the subjects of that information in a more authentic manner. This is where marketing automation comes into place.

marketing automation

This helps you become more visible in a relevant manner and not just rely on SEO for someone to follow a call for action. This call for action can be rendered by marketing automation so that more people across more channels like social media and email, see it and react to it, therefore forming better customer relationships. It would be imperative for you to use a small business marketing automation software in order to create an impression and begin a relationship with your prospects.

3. Email Marketing Automation

With SEO and marketing automation, you would be able to build a database of contacts whom you can get in touch with so that you can make a sale or a conversion. This would typically form a part of your overall marketing automation software with targeted email marketing automation so that a call for action is followed through and completely explored in the course of your team’s movement along the sales pipeline. This is one of the best ways to build better customer relationships with SEO and marketing automation software.

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4. Better Content

When you want to practice authentic SEO that would also be the backbone of your marketing automation and email marketing automation structure, you would ensure that the right content is in the right place for the right prospect to see it. This is one of the sure-shot ways in which you can start a better relationship with your core clients and audience as well.

5. Customer Service Tips

You would be able to service your customer in a far better manner when you are practising marketing automation along with SEO since the information stored would help you reach a customer and deliver after-sales services in a more seamless and authentic manner. This would make your brand and your business look like a professional and reliable one. With marketing automation, you would also be able to send notifications regularly to keep the customer updated.

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