7 Workable Ways to Entertain Yourself When You’re Sad or Bored

Not sure what to do? We are already tired of flipping through the feed of social networks and bumping into ads with slogans.


Not sure what to do? We are already tired of flipping through the feed of social networks and bumping into ads with slogans that play roulette online in Australia here and win a fortune. Especially for you, there are eight ways that are guaranteed to cheer you up: each of them works both individually and in combination with others, try it!

Write Out Reasons for Joy

Blues, unreasonable anxiety, apathy – everyone can experience all these unpleasant emotions. You shouldn’t be afraid, fight with them or try to run: better think about what the body and mind are trying to tell you in this way? And then sit down and write down what is good in your life, for which you can be grateful. You will see, the mood will instantly creep up when you feel that there are much more reasons for joy than it seems!

Plunge Into an Imaginary World

If the surrounding reality upsets you too much, and you still do not feel the strength to change it, you can briefly escape to the fictional world of your favorite book or movie. A novel about Victorian England? Fantastic movie or travel video? Let this be the one that will definitely save you from boredom! But do not get carried away: too frequent “escapes” can undermine your perception of reality and lead to high expectations. After all, real life is much more interesting than cinema!

7 Workable Ways to Entertain Yourself When You're Sad or BoredTrain Your Body

It has been scientifically proven that physical activity has a positive effect on mood, so when you are sad or bored, seek help from sports. Vigorous exercise leads to increased breathing and increased circulation. More oxygen is supplied to the cells, the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness disappears, and tone appears throughout the body. And most importantly, during physical exertion, the hormone of happiness – serotonin, is produced, so after training, you will definitely experience high spirits and a feeling of good spirits.

Train Your Mind Now

Your mind also needs training. It is not at all necessary to run to prove the Pythagorean theorem, but it is very possible and necessary to sit down at a crossword puzzle! We advise you to do this regularly, as regular brain stress affects the maintenance of a higher level of intelligence in old age!

Do Anything Spontaneous

The release of adrenaline into the blood will help to improve your mood! Our brains are suspicious of something new because it seems intimidating to it. Do not fall for this trap: in order to get out of the boring routine, be sure to do something unusual for yourself. Go for bread with red lipstick on your lips, go to a new museum or register on a dating site – why not, which will stop you?

Go to Creativity

A great way to cheer you up is to do something creative. And now we are not only about oil paintings! You can get yarn and old magazines and remember what you once did so well, or you can go to the bath and finally try the very makeup that you are embarrassed to wear to the office. Or maybe your child still has brushes and paints? Get it out, turn on the music, turn off your head and start creating – there will be no trace of boredom!

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