Are Crypto Slots like Free Online Slots?


Land-based casino slots and online slots are busy attracting more and more players all year long. Their attractiveness, in terms of cash rewards and strong sources of entertainment, is the reason behind their unmatched popularity, despite all the bluffs and unpredictability. However, a new contender in this field is giving them a hard time, and that is the Crypto Slots. You might also want to try Slingo slots for fun.

Since the arena is the online environment for both types of slots, free online slots and Crypto slots are going head-to-head with their unique gameplays and cash offerings, with convenience and far-ranging accessibility being the constants for both. For players who have no idea what Crypto slots are about, below is a brief account of the similarities and differences between regular free online slots and crypto slots.

Similarities between Free Online Slots and Crypto Slots

  • Both free online slots and crypto slots are offered by specific online casino sites holding a license for doing so.
  • For both types of slots, you need Internet and a PC, a mobile or a smart device that allows advanced plays like these.
  • For both these slots, online casinos offer welcome bonuses, such as no deposit free spins, no deposit free play, deposit-based attractions, etc.
  • Both slots have complete sets of wagering requirements attached to their welcome bonuses that players need to meet for making something effective out of their respective bonuses.
  • Both slots have similar game designs featuring special symbols, bonuses, and free spins that appear as you play to unlock them.

Differences between Free Online Slots and Crypto Slots

  • Free online slots offer gameplay and cash dealings in dollars mainly, whereas crypto slots operate only with cryptocurrency.
  • Free online slots are regulated by house rules, other regulatory laws, and game-specific terms and conditions. They pay out rewards to the winners according to a pre-defined percentage. Crypto slots, on the other hand, have a programmed rate of payout; for better transparency, players can check the working of a particular slot and even the dealings of the casino itself from the source code, which is visible to all the participants of a slot.
  • Free online slots have the house as an intermediate party that regulates the game and the rewards, whereas crypto slots have no intermediate party at all.
  • Free online slots are operated on an online casino with the collaboration of the online casino team and the game developers. Crypto slots, however, have pre-programmed smart contracts that determine how you play and what you get at the end of every session.
  • These similarities and differences between these two types of online slots make more sense when players compare them while actually playing them with real money. There are demo versions of slots in both categories that you can try for getting the hang of the game design in two different slotting models. In short, both slots still hold their uniqueness and will be equally pursued by players as long as there is a promise of fun and rewards.

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