Top 5 BTC to eth converters

It is a review of the best bitcoin exchangers, where you can profitably exchange, for example, bitcoin for ethereum, as well as in other directions.


It is a review of the best bitcoin exchanges, where you can profitably exchange, for example, bitcoin for ethereum, as well as in other directions.

The exchangers below have the most positive reputations. All financial transactions with them go through without problems, so you can successfully withdraw the cryptocurrency you earned into the currency of your country or vice versa.


60cek is one of the services for exchanging bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many other cryptocurrencies for fiat currency.

Due to the manual processing of applications, the receipt of funds from here to the wallet is not instantaneous. But on the other hand, they are processed in just 5 – 15 minutes, and as evidenced by numerous reviews, this is so. It is only important to remember that the minimum amount starts at $ 60.


Xchange is a popular btc to eth converter where you can exchange bitcoins and other electronic currencies. It boasts that it has been in the market for over six years. Here, for example, you can quickly exchange bitcoin for Qiwi – you will have to wait no more than 15 minutes for the application to be considered.

The website of the online exchanger works in 8 languages, has a large reserve of currencies, and its convenient design and favorable rates make it the best for a comfortable exchange.

Top 5 btc to eth converters

Exchange transactions take place even without registration, you just need to fill out an application. Still, it’s better to register to get your discount. The registration and exchange process is the same as in previous exchangers. To do this, click on registration and fill in all the data. is a noteworthy semi-automatic exchanger, where quickly exchanging bitcoin has become a reality because the service infrastructure now runs on the SegWit protocol, with which transactions are carried out very quickly.

For users who created an account, a 0.2% discount is provided, which applies to all exchange directions. It is cumulative and increases as part of a 5-level loyalty program, in addition, the user can participate in an affiliate program, which accrues 25% of the service’s profit from the clients he invited.


X-Pay sounds like the trendy “X-ray” that kind of represents the passage of transactions at the speed of light.

The founders of the project focused on the instantaneous transfer of funds to clients’ accounts. Indeed, market research has shown that the vast majority of people prefer to get a service, although a little was more expensive but faster than cheaper, but slower.

Platov. cc service is a 24/7 exchanger for popular fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and EXMO codes. The exchange itself here takes place in a matter of minutes, despite its manual version. Through, you can easily and quickly withdraw bitcoin to your bank card or electronic wallet.

The loyalty program provides registered users with a 0.05% exchange discount, gradually increasing to 0.19% of your turnover is sufficient.

What you should pay attention to when choosing an exchanger

This information will be useful both for beginners and for those who have already converted currency several times but are still looking for the perfect service.

1. User reviews

It is worth carefully analyzing each user comment to understand whether the resource can be trusted or not.

2. The nuances of the exchange.

Not all exchangers will receive money instantly. In some cases, you need to wait a few days. This should be taken into account so as not to worry once again that your money has disappeared without a trace.

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