Bathroom Design Trends That Will Rock in 2021-2022

Bathroom Design Trends: A bathroom is a special space in any home; it is a place that should be very comfortable, and in line with our ideas of beauty.


A bathroom is a special space in any home; it is a place that should be very comfortable, cozy, and in line with our ideas of beauty. According to many designers, it is in the bathroom that many interesting interior ideas can be implemented, which may be too provocative for other rooms.

Bathroom Design Trends

When creating a design project for a bathroom, you can either be guided by your taste only or draw inspiration from the latest trends and design approaches. If you are up for the second option, we have some fresh ideas to share with you. Keep reading this post to be versed in modern bathroom design trends that will be at the rage. The new looks may serve as an ideal source of inspiration. So give it a try.

Trend #1 – Zoning-Free Space 

In the list of the most interesting bathroom design trends, it is certainly worth noting the increasing popularity of a flat floor and zoning-free space. This means that the shower area itself visually becomes part of the room; interior designers propose to forget about the difference in the height of the floor covering or the use of any sills. 

Trend #2 – Spacious Bathrooms

Another trend to mention here is ever more spacious bathrooms. The fact is that a bathroom is no longer perceived as just a place for hygiene procedures; it becomes a space for relaxation and privacy. That is why even the shower area is becoming bigger and bigger in modern projects, of course, if apartment dimensions allow. 

Trend #3 – Rain Shower

The emphasis on comfort and relaxation also explains the growing popularity of new home spa products. Some of the most popular spa products are the so-called rain shower, which can even be installed in a regular bathroom, as well as POMPE DE RELEVAGE home aromatherapy appliances. 

Trend #4 – Ceramic Tiles

If we talk about the most prominent trends in decoration, we cannot fail to mention ceramic tiles, which are becoming more and more popular today. The most fashionable format of ceramic tiles has a look of simple squares that are neither too large nor too small. As a rule, the material comes in light shades and has a pearlescent effect. Such a tile can be made in laconic watercolor shades, but if it is correctly matched to the overall color palette of the interior, it will become a real highlight of the whole composition. 

Since tiles in general are the most popular choice for finishing in the bathroom, there are usually several fashion trends for tile types. So, a very interesting and bright idea is the use of large rectangular tiles. They can be used in different patterns, but it is the tile format that can give the interior more dynamism and a fresher sound.

Another good thing about large-size tiles is that they visually expand the space. So, for example, in a small bathroom, small tiles would not look so good even if they are identical in color, design, and installation method. The situation is completely different when it comes to big-size objects.

Trend #5 – Quartz 

The next trend is the use of quartz in bathroom decoration. Modern technologies make it possible to use this material for a variety of purposes. Just check the references on Pinterest to see how beautiful the finish of the shower area made with quartz looks. 

Trend #6 – Simple Decor

If you are a fan of minimalist bathroom interior design, then this trend is for you! Open showers with full-height clear glass walls have become like huge showcases for the fittings inside. And many plumbing companies have gone out of their way to offer a rich assortment of unique and interesting minimalist pieces. Forget about chrome elements. It’s time to choose between black, gold, copper, or matte plumbing fixtures. 

Trend #7 – Minimalist & Linear Lighting

Bathroom lighting is incredibly important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for practical purposes. The top trend of this year is minimalist and linear lighting that will favorably highlight key elements and details of the bathroom. Luminaires and additional light sources with simple shapes and clean lines will also be popular. 

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