Best Repair Services in the Port of Singapore 

Best Repair Services: Thousands of ships anchor in the port of Singapore, making it one of the world's busiest ports. Singapore's port is connected to 600


Best Repair Services Singapore: Thousands of ships anchor in the port of Singapore, making it one of the world’s busiest ports. Singapore’s port is connected to 600 other ports in 123 different countries. In a highly busy port such as this, one may battle to figure out where to get the best repair service. You will, therefore, find this article handy as it describes why GIANTECH is the best repair service provider in the port of Singapore for Kangrim. 

Best Repair Services in the Port of Singapore 

Kangrim Heavy Industries is a Korea based company that has secured above 60% of the world’s market share for marine boilers and has worked for hand in glove with GIANTECH Engineering, a Marine company since 2001 in providing the highest standards of repairs service delivery. GIANTECH prides itself on its highly experienced and specialized expert skilled crew that prioritizes quality control to give you the best. GIANTECH is a one-stop service center that offers technical services and assistance at reliable, affordable prices. 

Giantech Repairs Services Division

This division was established to provide you with boiler retubing and refractory incinerator services. It offers a wide range of services that include boiler maintenance and upgrades, partial or complete repairs, or life extension services for boilers and incinerators. 

GIANTECH Offers  Specialised Services repairs in:

Inert Gas Systems 

GIANTECH is an authorized after-sales service center for inert gases and boilers. It caters for repairs for Kangrim, which is one of the world’s leading producers in Inert Gas Systems for tankers, thus pronouncing the need for the best repair services. Having being established in 2001 by an expert with over 35 years of experience in inert gas systems, GIANTECH guarantees you the best repair services for Kangrim inert gas systems.

Burners And Incinerators 

GIANTECH has an expert engineering team in Croatia that specializes in the burner and incinerators repairs. The engineering team is highly experienced with over nine years of practising repair services deliveries, guaranteeing you the best repair services for your Kangrim Boilers. Its partnership with ICI Marine has also enabled GIANTECH to provide you with top retrofitting and burner repairs.

  • Boilers

GIANTECH engineers are adequately trained and equipped for boiler inspection and repair services. GIANTECH provides technical support for repair services for Kangrim steam boilers, thermal boilers, and exhaust gas boilers.

  • Marine Incinerators Refractory Services 

GIANTECH delivers the best repair services for Kangrim Incinerators. This is because its service engineer is maker trained to oversee the refractory repair. On-board vessels provided with professional refractory services from the GIANTECH crew. 

  • Boiler Retubing Services

In the port of Singapore, GIANTECH is the best and most reliable boiler retubing material and repair service provider. GIANTECH covers many boilers, which include repair services for Kangrim Boilers. Supplying tubes, tube plates, membrane walls for boilers makes GIANTECH the best and most efficient company you can contact to swiftly and efficiently repair your Kangrim boiler.

Health Check Attendance Services

Problems such as feedwater control system failures, lead to breakdowns that cause delays in operations. Such breaks are costly to the company, thus the need for health checks. The experienced engineers at GIANTECH specialize in providing frequent health checks. Aso in repairing problems that can lead to potential breakdowns of Karngrim. 


GIANTECH offers a variety of services that include, repair service for Kagrim, troubleshooting advice, pre-dock inspection, dry dock services. GIANTECH also has a spare parts division that helps make your comprehensive service delivery experience enjoyable. GIANTECH is an expert in inspection and surveys, retubing and refurbishment, automation and burners, chemical cleaning, refractory, specialized welding, and the supply of spare parts, which is the best repair service in Singapore. 

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