Top Interior Design Trends

Interior designs are generally an extension of the owner’s personality. There are several inspiring designs that have formed the modern simple style


Interior designs are generally an extension of the owner’s personality. There are several inspiring designs that have formed the modern simple style. The year 2020 comes with various waves of attractive changes for sleek-looking and neater spaces. 

Top Interior Design Trends

We have presented you with the best interior design for landed house in 2020 that are capable of transforming your spaces into attractive and amazing ones.

  • Curved Furnitures

In recent times, curves are gradually beginning to replace sharp edges as the most preferred choice. Irrespective of the aspect of interior design, curves can be trusted to live up to expectation whether it is wall arches, counters, or tabletops. 

When it comes to household use, curved furniture provides additional safety for both the elderly and children. More so, curved furniture also changes the traditional oblong pieces hence improving the overall design.

Furthermore, curved furniture designs are usually more attractive to the eye than those with sharp corners. Curved archways offer a smooth transition between places that add to a cozy and warm appearance. That said, curved furniture designs help to maximize spaces also.

  • Hygge

Hygge is a Danish-inspired style that has become one of the top interior design trends of 2020. It brings about a comfortable and cozy setting. The effects of the hygge design tend to increase mindfulness and reduce stress at home and workplace.

More so, this design avoids clutter and bright colors. It creates a serene environment that allows you to focus and relax with fewer distractions. The most common hues associated with the hygge include white, black, and brown which kelps to keep the design simple. 

Other common features of the hygge are natural materials like wool, leather, and wood. These materials help to make the interior design a warm and appealing appearance. In the workplace, hygge provides a touch of home thanks to its ergonomic and personalized options. Tough plastic swivel chairs can be swapped out for cozy softened alternatives.

Additionally, a couch or layered rug at the workplace helps to make a spot-on hygge statement. They can also be paired with cushions and blankets to add more style to the design. Although hygge seems to be incompatible with Singapore’s weather, it is ideal for air-conditioned indoor settings. 

  • Sustainable Materials

For environmentally-conscious consumers, they are often interested in sustainable materials which is now clearly seen in recent interior design trends. Environmentally friendly designs contribute to corporate responsibility at both the home and workplace. Eco-friendly bulbs and LED lighting provide the same light as regular models without negative environmental effects. 

Furthermore, bamboo fittings for wall panels and floors are exceptional choices as wood grows quickly while bamboo forests are rapidly renewed. Besides, bamboo is strong and cheap hence worth every amount spent.

  • Earth Tones

Without a doubt, earth tones are one of the best interior design color trends this year. Usually, accessories and furniture that mimic natural elements such as plants, metals, and wood, provide a chance to create a soothing environment as obtainable outside. If you love spending so much time outdoors, then this design will come in handy for you. 

  • Concealed Entrances 

Concealed entrances design is becoming quite popular. These designs follow simple concepts that have interior design features that result in a stylish and smooth layout. Concealed entrances are typically found in the most improbable places along with shelves, wardrobes, and wall panels. With this interior design trend, your concealed entrances will always be flawlessly organized.


In all, interior designs do not just beautify the house, they also reflect the owner’s personality. Having a beautiful interior design will help to make your home attractive and more comfortable. As a result, we have provided you with the top interior design trends available to help you in making a choice.

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