How to Choose a Dedicated Server in India

Dedicated Server India: When you’re opting for a dedicated server, you should keep in mind that all dedicated servers are not the same.


When you’re opting for a dedicated server, you should keep in mind that all dedicated servers are not the same. The website hosting solutions provided by the service providers are not necessarily functioning on the dedicated servers. But in the first place, you need to know what are dedicated servers? They are developed for single-tenant hosting. It is a package of high performance, speed, security, and ease for the user.

How to choose a dedicated server in India

With dedicated server hosting, everything is allocated to you, which makes it the most reliable and powerful hosting option. You can’t get these benefits of a dedicated server in India from other hosting services. The hosting provider will be supplying linked facilities and technical support. Now, you are aware of what a dedicated server is, let’s begin for the process of choosing one. And for that, you must know how your business functions and what kind of technical support will run it more smoothly and efficiently. Let’s start with the process!

Tips to Choose a Dedicated Server in India

OS matters:-

The most important factor while deciding a dedicated hosting solution is that you can choose the operating system according to your needs or your business needs. The applications that you are using should be supportive of the OS that you choose. It is quite possible that your present software only works with running OS. So for that, you must make sure that your service provider has enabled your dedicated server to function on the OS for your business requirements.

Configuration of a server system

OS isn’t the only factor, but the power to control the system through the server is also necessary. Like resource usage prediction which will ensure that all the queries which rise up while working is fulfilled in time. Access to RDP/SSH at the root level is required, for having more efficient access to the server configuration system.

Expensive decision= Hardware decision

You’re aware that dedicated servers may burn a hole in your pocket. It is important for you to search for a hosting provider who is offering you a range of hardware to choose for your business purposes.

You can ask for the most suitable hardware, set up in such a way that it will upscale the performance without paying anything above for the customers of your services. Businesses which are having a great scope of hardware choices can invest in any possibility of growth. Everything depends on the type and speed of business operation.

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The business operation will decide what CPU and core are required. In addition to that, the size of RAM, its types, and decent hard disk capacity for managing the bandwidth and RAID system are critical factors in hardware selection.

Control panel

The choice of control panels can help you to control the server processing for business applications by running system functions smoothly. The default control panels that operate throughout the present system for controlling business needs are decent in performance, but you always have extra options for the control panel and WHM operating in the Linux servers. The Plesk control software is compatible with Windows as well as Linux servers both, that will help in business improvement. It is convenient to search powerful control tools, along with built-in management functions that are processed across Control panel and Plesk modules for better business functioning throughout the globe.

Security first!

FYI, when the server systems in the IT business operations are taken offline, your organization is unsafe during the downtime. In the case of the data failure, which will increase the risk of corrupting financial information which will lead to the downgrade of business goodwill and customer legal action could happen.

Taking security features the first priority in mind, one must be careful while opting for a dedicated hosting provider. Location and physical security are the essential factors across the data centers that can be used to evaluate the dedicated hosting provider. One must ensure that the system has firewalls, intrusion management, website, and application security features along with malware and other virus prevention.

Better server management

Execution of server management is not a cakewalk but it is easy with a compatible dedicated hosting provider. You can cope with OS updates, application installation, and commanding the server functions for a long time if you have better server management. You can look for the best services for the operating servers for more efficient business performance, after which your business will be at top of the game by managing the end-user queries and resolving issues.

Technical support is a must

We never know when we’ll face certain issues regarding our dedicated server whether it be a troubleshooting problem or carrying out intricate business tasks. There needs to be a technical support team round the clock through emails and through calls. So, if your dedicated servers switch offline, they can be operated remotely.

Technical support provides different approaches for the customer, from a specialist IT team to an automated resolution process depending upon the issue of the user. For your business to sail smoothly in the hosting department, good technical support is a must.

Why choose serverwala for Dedicated server in India

Indian dedicated servers are best for any business in India. It will provide the users with a range of resources and utmost control be it the components, resources, features, customization, and installation. There are many features that can enhance your business when you’ve such potential technical support and resources.

If you choose a dedicated server from serverwala you don’t have to worry about: OS compatibility, a robust controlling panel, perks of an India based data center, and smooth account activation. And here I show you why- With serverwala you not only get Windows and Linux OS support but you will be provided other choices too. Along with a robust control panel, you’ll get the luxury of unlimited accounts, anti-spam, email forwarding ability, and auto-respond functioning as well.

When you’re associated with India based data centers it will be very acceptable for you to trust them and rely on them as there is a 24×7 support team working to enhance your business through various communication modes.

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On top of that, you’ll be provided with a very quick account activation as it is going to be an Indian dedicated server. So, serverwala will ensure a throughout support and reliability with which your business will be at peak heights.


So now, as you are aware of what a dedicated server is and what are the points which you’ve to keep in mind while opting for a dedicated server in India. You must look for a hosting provider that is based in India as they are accessible and approachable. Serverwala being the best and most reliable option for you will ensure all the above. It will assist you 24×7 so that you will not face a complex lag while working. I hope you are well-informed by now, so choose your dedicated server wisely keeping your business needs in full conscious.

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