The DraStic DS Emulator

The DraStic DS Emulator is Android's first Nintendo DS emulator and can let you enjoy all classics at maximum speed on several Android smartphones.


The DraStic DS Emulator is Android’s first Nintendo DS emulator and can let you enjoy all classics at maximum speed on several Android smartphones. With this feature, you can play all NDS games on your smartphone with no difficulties. In fact, you’ll also get better results than on a traditional controller for the play.

Why go for DraStic DS Emulator?

DraStic DS Emulator is an app developed exclusively for SNES Android emulators. This is produced below the ‘Exophase’ banner. It is built on Android for Nintendo so you can enjoy Nintendo games on your mobile with ease. This has a lot of great functionality and improvements that you won’t find in some other Emulator.

What about the APKs?

You shouldn’t mess with other variants because the DraStic DS Emulator is accessible in the Playstore. Moreover, while APKs are given for free, you will have to cough up for the app.

DraStic DS EmulatorWhat about the features of the DraStic DS Emulator?

Through this application, you can boost a game’s visuals better than it really has; the quickest phones get this function useful. The software could be used in portrait or landscape format as you’d like it to be. Wherever you like with the Save Mode, you can quickly save your titles. You can even change those Nintendo games through hundreds of access codes.

There are plenty more cool features. Sync your saved matches with your room on the Cloud storage if you would like to go through all the matches quicker, you can also click faster speed.

This is a next gen Nintendo emulator for android apps. You can engage mainly in all Nintendo DS events on your smartphone or on your android page with this app installed. Devices such as play xperia as well as defense nvidia have much compatibility with the program.

Some perks of DraStic DS Emulator include:

  • Boosting usability and performance as well as providing you with realistic 3D visuals to build your Android best smartphone gaming
  • Offers you 3D graphics which works better than the current one (perfect features above center end tools).
  • Increasing your enjoyable hobbies by getting innumerable cheat codes
  • Great pace relative to other simulators as well as user-friendly

What is the verdict? What do we recommend?

Perhaps the best of Nintendo DS emulators until now is Drastic DS emulator. It performed numerous games we put into it during our research. There’s probably only a couple of games that really don’t work properly. The simulator arrives with a range of applications namely screen configuration customization, interface customization, hardware interface help, fast forward, Google Drive support. High-end users will experience better rendering of graphics if they so desire. The price will be 4.99 US dollars.

So you would guess it takes an APK to download this application on your computer, would you? Ok, the good thing is you don’t have to search for an APK because the application is accessible in just the Play store. And again there follows a cost. It’s completely not safe, in other words, because if you’d like to enjoy certain DS games on your mobile, you’d get to start paying the nominal sum you must.

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Although you’re certainly free to do whatever you want, we suggest intense care when installing something that reputable Android officials don’t support. We agree that on your Nintendo DS you would like to play video games very badly so you’ll have to compromise for paying to be on the cautious side.

That is less costly than it was before. That is a nice deal. It’s the one we will indeed suggest.

Meanwhile, check the link for The DraStic DS Emulator for the Google Play Store here

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