Minimalist Pieces That You Can Wear Everyday

Being a minimalist can take time to develop. You delve into practices that you are familiar with, but are limited enough that you can't maintain them.


Being a minimalist can take time to develop. You delve into practices that you are familiar with, but are limited enough that you can’t maintain them. Removing unimportant materials and focusing on non-material hobbies are few to mention. These activities are essential, but at the same time, somehow restrict our freedom. 

Minimalist Pieces That You Can Wear Everyday 

One rule of minimalism is having fewer clothes than usual. This does not mean that you’ll only need one pair of clothing for the rest of your life. This means that you only get to keep pieces that are essential to occasions. You can segregate these into formal, sports and workwear categories. And to name a few for your daily casual, here are five essentials that you invest in:

1. Traditional Timepieces

Watches are essential pieces for any look. Aside from its practical bit in fashion, it also gives an impression of discipline. This means that it also serves as a counterpart in a minimalist’s discipline. And a better way to represent this discipline is by using a simple theme. This is where traditional analog watches come into play. 

Timepieces from the Tissot Heritage collection are great matches for that rococo inspiration. The brand’s simple analog display is also the perfect definition for your minimalist fix. You can choose from their various styles that resemble the classics in the vintage era. 

2. Lace-up Sneakers

If you are really into minimalism, then a pair of lace-up sneakers would be enough for you. Its sleek and simple silhouette is just a representation of the lifestyle. Another good thing is that you can pair these with any outfit that you want to pull off. May it be a quick walk at the park or going to a fancy dinner, you can rock these without a doubt. 

Since the lifestyle speaks of having less, a pair of white lace-ups can last you all day – whenever and wherever. Brands like Vans and Superga offer the best canvas and leather sneakers in the market today. And the price is worth your every penny because it can last for more than a couple of years. 

3. Contemporary Kimonos

Aside from being a traditional garment for the Japanese, kimonos have also been a trend. These are seldom seen on the streetwear culture, where the silhouette is a bit tweaked. Lil peep merch some would wear these with various prints and designs as part of the culture. But on this minimalist lifestyle, investing in a few solid colors will do. 

4. Earth-toned Chinos

Chinos are straightforward pieces that every man and woman can own. Aside from denim pants, chinos are known to be go-to’s when it comes to casual wear. Whether you go out of the house for a quick bite or do a business deal, chinos bring out the best in a fit. Unlike denim, these can be worn on any occasion, making it a versatile piece of the wardrobe. 

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In minimalism, you don’t want your clothes to be identified easily. Going for bright colors like yellow are suitable investments, but it is better to deal with earth tones. Why? Earth colors can complement anything, making your small wardrobe versatile as well. You can also buy chinos that have near accents with your shirts or jackets for composed fits. 

5. Tote bags

Using tote bags have also been trendy around streetwear and casual fashion. These bags are so durable and easy-to-use, yet it still depends on the material that you’re using. The best material for these book carriers is PVC, which is thick synthetic plastic. Not only it gets elastic and durable, but it can also be cleaned without laundry help. A few damp alcohol wipes will do the trick, and you’re good to go. 

You can also go for canvas tote bags depending on your preferences. Canvas tote bags are cheaper compared to PVC tote bags, being useful in the said lifestyle. Furthermore, canvas byproducts are catalysts for environmental change. So, you might want to double-cross your minimalist lifestyle into a cause as well. Pretty helpful, right?


Starting a minimalist wardrobe may sound easy. But deciding on preferences and following the standard of minimalism itself is confusing. This is why minimalism is not only a trend, but it is more of a discipline. And when you hone this mindset, you can feel contentment not only with what you wear or have but what you do as a person. 

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