How You Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing Strategy in the Midst of COVID-19?


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we are living, working, shopping, etc. We are closer to our families than ever, yet we are far away from our loved ones. We are buying online, yet are afraid to spend. There is an economic slump, yet more people are coming online. The world is changing. So, businesses also need to change. How you approach your digital marketing strategy today will determine your journey tomorrow.

Embracing Digital Marketing amidst COVID-19

The silver lining about COVID-19 is the fact that it has created real behavioural change. There is increased digital consumption. Influential digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp have all witnessed rising usage value.

You should see this adversity as an opportunity to finally build, improve and capitalize on your digital marketing strategy. If your business already undertakes digital marketing, make sure you elevate your marketing campaigns and strategies to the next level.

Here are some ways to elevate your digital marketing strategy:

1. Adopt and Adapt to Technological Solutions

Change can be hard. However, those who do not change will find it the most difficult to survive in testing times. There is an abundance of technology and innovation-driven solutions that businesses can use such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Use these platforms to build connections and potential sales leads.

Popular video communicating platforms like Zoom, Webex, Teams have also picked up amid COVID-19. They are a great way to increase engagement both internally and externally. Reaching out to your existing audience and communicating with your potential audience should also be part of your digital marketing strategy. Use an Instagram video editor to create your content.

2. Talk to Your Customers Via Digital Channels

Your customers are interested to know what you as a business are doing during these testing times. So, talk to your customers to understand their needs better. Do not just blatantly promote your new services.

One of the definite upsides is that you specifically know what customers are looking for. You can provide them with precisely that. This could be anything like providing free premium subscriptions at a lower price. Moreover, you can regularly inform them about healthcare measures you are taking to ensure full safety standards.

Amidst a crisis like this, offering services and tools that help your customers and address their needs will benefit you in the long run. This will also build your brand credibility. Elevating your digital marketing strategy also means raising the value you bring for your customers. Once you bring value, they will be more receptive towards products/services you sell to them later.

3. The Time for Digital Advertising Is Now

For many sectors, conversions are low. Yet, that has an upside. The latest trend you can benefit from is the availability of cheap, subsidized or even free advertising credits. To combat the slow economic growth, social media giant Facebook is offering Facebook ads credits for cheaper rates. Use it to elevate your digital marketing strategy.

It makes sense to do this because small and medium businesses are primarily the ones who have been affected due to COVID-19. Since small and medium enterprises are the backbone of any economy, offering ad credits at cheaper rates decreases the CPC (cost-per-click) ratio. The average traffic on the web is increasing and ad rates are declining. When you compare this to industry standards, you will find that paid digital ads are producing a much higher ROI than before COVID-19.

4. Pivot to E-Commerce Offerings

Today, e-commerce is not just for the Amazon and Walmarts of the world. Moreover, COVID-19 has undoubtedly shown that a lot of the products/services which were earlier thought to be restricted only to “brick and mortar” stores can be sold online.

E-commerce did take a hit during the first three months of the COVID-19. However, it has picked up since then and is almost back to pre-COVID levels. It should be part of your digital marketing strategy. This is the time to invest in warehousing, building an online community, and focusing your efforts towards strong SEO and digital advertising.

5. Prioritize Social Media Marketing to Spread Awareness

While drafting your digital marketing strategy, at least two-thirds of your efforts should be exclusively focused on social media marketing. A large percentage of your existing customers and would-be customers are on social media, especially now. You need to be there where your audience is.

Prioritize marketing on social media channels so that you can get more conversions out of it. Create relevant posts, awareness videos, promo videos to engage them. You can do it easily. There are a ton of promo video makers available on the web to create engaging, exciting content. Your marketing efforts shouldn’t be strictly restricted to making a sale. Instead, create content that focuses on engaging with your customers through likes, comments and shares.


Elevating your digital marketing strategies is not simply a reactive measure to COVID-19. It has long term benefits. The economy is gradually starting to adapt to a ‘new normal’. Thus, digital spends are increasing. The path to recovery might not be straightforward in testing periods like these. Still, following the tips mentioned above are a great way to ensure that your business survives. Plus, it brings immense value to your customers while they are living and working safely from their homes.

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