The ultimate guide to braces in Singapore


Beautiful teeth are pivotal to a beautiful smile. While some have it naturally, nature hasn’t been so kind to others. If you are one of the not so fortunate ones, the good news is your problem may not need to be permanent. Braces are probably all you need to fix your teeth. Depacific dental group, a team of specialists in Singapore, will make any teeth problems you may have a thing of the past.

Getting braces in a relatively painless procedure that produces great results. Read on to learn more about the procedure and also MediSave claims for braces. With enough information, you will find that braces are not nearly as bad as you thought.

Why get braces?

You may be wondering whether you really need braces. Many are reluctant to get them, particularly in their early teens because of the temporary discomfort and stereotypes they cause. However, if you have one or more of the dental problems listed below braces are probably your best fix.

  1. Crooked teeth
  2. An extension of your upper teeth over your lower teeth (overbite).
  3. A malocclusion in which your lower teeth extend over your upper ones (underbite).
  4. Jaws that are not in alignment.
  5. Big gaps between the two rows of your teeth.

When can you get braces?

You can get braces anytime. There is no age limit. However, it is important for your teeth and gums to be reasonably strong before you undergo this procedure. Most get their braces in their early teens because it is when they really first notice problems with their teeth. It is also when teeth are still developing making it easier to correct any problems they may have.

If you could not afford to get them at an early age do not despair. Visit your dentist today and if you really need them they will be fitted in.

The procedure

Getting braces is a short and uncomplicated process. It usually takes just over an hour for the orthodontist to complete the entire fitting process. After your dentist or orthodontist confirms your need for braces you will likely undergo the following procedure:

  • First, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and left to dry.
  • Once they are completely dry, the specialist will apply bonding glue to your teeth. The glue attaches the brace brackets to the teeth.
  • The archwire is then placed in the brackets and elastic bands are used to put them in place.
  • An over the counter painkiller will be prescribed to help you deal with any pain you will experience later.

How do you care for your teeth after getting braces?

The actual fitting process is rarely painful. Afterward, you may initially experience pain, discomfort and difficulty eating. These issues are likely to subside in a few weeks and then you will hardly notice them much. Keep in touch with your dentist during this time and alert them of any unexpected issues or concerns. Also, weeks after the process, regularly rinse your mouth with salt water to clean, ease pain, and remove bacteria.

The process of brushing your teeth will not change much. Just do not apply too much pressure on your teeth and ensure the braces are clean. Braces damage toothbrush bristles a lot so you will need to replace it more often.

Benefits of braces.

As daunting as the process may be, I assure you, the results are worth it!

  1. Braces improve your overall appearance and give you a better smile.
  2. They align the teeth making biting and chewing easier.
  3. If your teeth made talking difficult, the speech issues will be solved.
  4. Your teeth will be easier to brush and maintain.
  5. Having better teeth will do wonders for your confidence too.

Medisave Claims for braces

Under normal conditions, the MediSave scheme does not allow you to claim for braces. It is only claimable if you need to undergo surgery or if the braces are for medical purposes. Unfortunately, non-surgical dental treatments like crowning, dentures or braces are not covered. Contact us to confirm whether your treatment is eligible for the claim.

To Wrap Up

Say goodbye to any confident issues your teeth may have been giving you. Contact Depacific dental group and enjoy the best dental treatment in Singapore. Remember, it is never too late to wear a dazzling smile. Happy smiling!

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