Parental Control Apps: Tips and Tricks


Kids are the life of a house. They have their own world which includes their parents, grandparents as well as other family members. In the earlier days, kids used to play with the other family members of the family. But as the joint families have converted into micro families now, the kids have nobody actually to play with them. This is why the dependency on the internet and electronic gadgets has increased in the last few years. In most families now, the parents are working and they have less time for their kids. Thus they have to rely on the maids to take care of their kids. In these circumstances, the kids spend most of their time with electronic devices. Moreover, the ever-increasing pollution and the decreasing space for playing is turning them towards the electronic games that they can play even lying on their bed.

Though the internet games are keeping your kids out of several explicit matters of outdoor playing, the intern is exposing them to some hidden threats on the internet. There are several sites that are controlled by cyber-criminals. Your kids may get trapped by them and it can cost you huge monetary and even physical and psychological loss. To protect your kids from these kinds of threats you need to install a parental control app. It is like antivirus software which helps you to restrict access to inappropriate sites on the internet.

What is Parental Control?

 As we have said earlier in this paragraph that in the modern days, both the parents are working parents. So there is no one to monitor what the kids are going through while accessing the internet. This is why you need to install parental control software where you can keep an eye on the activities of your kids on the internet. They will feel like you are sitting next to them to track their activities.

  • Regulate Your Kid’s Internet Access

Parental control software helps you to regulate the access of different sites that your kids open through the devices. So if you restrict certain sites to open on those devices, your kids will never be able to open them and access their contents.

  • Keep Track of the Mails as Well as Messages

Social media is one of the most favorite sites for kids nowadays. Some kids may not have friends in their schools but they have lots of friends on social media. There may be some people who are having their profiles in fake names so that they can exploit the kids. They offer them several lucrative schemes and once your kids are into those schemes, it becomes very hard for them to come out from there. Thus you need to keep tracking the activities of your kids in the social media platforms through parental control. You can also check out the emails they are receiving as well as the messages they are sending.

  • Keep Your Children Safe from Online Threats

It is very important to keep your children protected from the online criminals who can harm them physically, mentally as well as from a monetary point of view. Thus you need something that can keep your children safe and happy in the online world. You can do it by setting an account with the OpenDNS that keeps your devices safe from the online threats. First of all, you need to visit the open DNS site and set it as a filter to your device network. It will stop accessing the phishing sites including the malware sites as well. It also blocks sites having offensive and explicit content as per your customization.

  • Internet Filter

Using a parental control app is necessary to filter the contents of the internet that you would allow your children to go through. Thus you can restrict them on your device or from the source or the router itself so that no one can get access to those sites even through other devices. You can also block different apps that you think are inappropriate for your kids. There will be no ads from these sites which can attract your kids to click on them.

  • Monitor Social Media Usage

There are lots of traps in social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps. Thus you can restrict the usage of those sites from your device so that they can’t access these sites. You can also monitor the chat and browsing history of your kids so that they don’t hide anything from you. If needed you can also access these accounts from a remote device too to block or close them forever.

  • Stop Cyber-Bullying

It is another new type of cybercrime now of the modern age. There are different gaming apps where you can play different games online with some other people too, most of the time these groups contain people of different ages. In fact, some people may be there who are of higher age but are having their profile with fake names as well as age. They sometimes bully the other kids without any reason. Sometimes these things become so embarrassing that they put huge mental pressure on the kids. If you are having a parental control app installed in your device to access the internet, then you can actually get intimidated with these kinds of things and stop your kids to sign in into these sites again in the future.

  • Teen Sexting

Some people are there who first send you lucrative offers through the internet and then blackmail you for ransom. But it becomes more dangerous when they ask your kids for their explicit content like nude pictures, videos, and other things. Sometimes they send some sexually explicit content to the kids which can disturb them mentally. It will have a deep impact on the mind of the kids and there can be chances of criminal activities from the kids due to these things. Kids who don’t know much about these things can have some adverse impacts on their minds from these contents.

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