How to Fix & Pair Error in OpenLoad Streaming

Openload Pair Error: Since we all know, or is the most popular Kodi platform that allows users to watch Openload streaming online.


Openload pair: Since we all know, or is the most popular Kodi platform add-ons that allow users to watch continuous streaming on a wide range of live shows, videos, PP videos, movies and more.

What is Openload Pair?

Openload Pair is also called as Olpair. Openload Pair is the services that are providing the streaming service for Kodi users. It helps the user’s in pairing their devices with

Openload PairThe pairing is needed to stream the music, videos and some other content on the Windows, Android and other Operating Systems. Kodi was released in 2002 which is an open-source media software player. It is the media player which has gained popularity ever since.

How to fix the error in the openload streaming?

Many users may love to use Kodi. I hope that you do so. But as time goes on there are different types of errors from the Kodi. So to overcome all the errors of the Kodi here are the guidelines for you. So by following steps, you can solve the Olpair error.

Why do I see the Olpair error while openload streaming?

Mostly the complaint from the users is about the Openload pair or To make you all clear, I would like to tell you that all these are not errors. Actually, the Openload pair or is the permissions to pair yourself to the devices to give you a better streaming experience. 

openload streaming

Openload is the most relevant online streaming platform that preserves the standard and aims to extend the service from hackers and bots.

Openload Pair, Kodi Streaming Error Fix

After pairing with the Openload you can access this application for 4 hours from the time of your pairing. So hurry up and get paired to enjoy all your favorite videos, music, and movies.

There is a permanent solution to the Openload pair error. And here’s the right method.

Method: 1

How to fix and error? (Temporary Fix)

I have told you before that Openload is an online service that is used by many users all over the world to enjoy, share and upload their content.

If you will watch the content of Openload with your regular IP address you may get into trouble because most of the content here is pirated. So keep all your worries aside because there is a solution to this problem.

Use a VPN to hide your location and your IP address.

The VPN works as a gateway in which all of the internet traffic passes into the network. Then you will get a virtual IP address for watching your Openload stream.

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Below given steps are the methods to solve and Olpair pair error. Pair or Authorize your IP address:

It is fast but it is not the permanent solution to the error. What you need to do here is to pair your IP address with the Openload site. You’re going to be nice to go after you paired.

The steps to pair with the Openload are as follows

1. Firstly, Open your VPN. Then connect with the VPN with a good speed IP address.


2. After connecting open a browser and type the URL as, then you can see a page like this

openload pair

3. In order to continue to click on, I am not a robot. It is a captcha test to prove yourself that you are a real human but not a robot who is trying to access or misuse their servers.

fix openload streaming error

4. Tap “Pair” option.

open load pair

5. Now the windows will be displayed by the Olpair that you are paired with.

6. Now, this Olpair can be used in any third party applications like Kodi. pairing successful

7. The VPN which you are going to use should be of good quality because here you should avoid changing your IP address.

8. If the quality of a VPN is not good or if you are not having a good internet connection you have to repeat the whole process.

9. After the completion of pairing, you will get access for the 4 hours.

Method: 2

Openload Pair streaming error can be fixed by disabling the hosters with captcha (Permanent Fix):

The above process is temporary just because you have to repeat the whole process after every 4 hours. You should also restart the process if your internet connection is not good. So the permanent solution to the problem is that you have to disable the hosters with the captcha. By doing this you can enjoy the Openload streaming without any errors. Also, have a look at buffstreams.

All streaming links which require the verification of the captcha will be blocked. To avoid the blocking of our app we have to disable the captcha. This can be done from add-on settings. To disable the captcha you have to follow the below process.

kodi platform

Firstly, Open the Kodi app and select the Add-on that you use to watch the Openload stream. If you are using the Exodus add-on, the hoster’s captchas can be disabled by the following process.

1. Open your Kodi application.

2. Then click on the Add-on as shown in the below image.


3. Now select the Exodus add-on or any plugin which you use.

4. Now under the description click on the Configure.

5. You will see the playback tab in which you have to scroll down until you see the hosters’ option.

6. Select the hoster’s option to disable it.

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After the completion of the process, you can enjoy your Exodus. Now you will not get any Olpair or or Openload.pair errors. Actually what happens here is that by disabling the hosters option you will force the Exodus that it should not display the links which need the captcha verification.

Here you have to take care of one thing that is your entire search results will be affected because many links will demand the captcha verification and they will be blocked.


1. How to pair the Openload?

To pair the Openload to your device you have to do is pair your IP address to the Openload server. The steps to do are

  • Open and connect your VPN with a high-speed IP address.
  • Now type URL in your browser.
  • Then click on, I am not a robot.
  • It is a captcha test to prove yourself that you are a real human but not a robot who is trying to access or misuse their servers.
  • Then click on the “Pair” option.
  • Now the windows will be displayed by the Olpair that you are paired with.

2. Is Olpair safe to use?

Yes, Olpair is completely safe to use. In order to enjoy Olpair use the VPN and as a block which removes all the ads.

Final Verdict:

In this article, I have shared some ideas on How to fix & error in OpenLoad streaming which you can enjoy the Openload without any errors.

This process is quite easy to fix the openload pair error and keep track of their favorite content online on these servers.

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