A Guide To Know What is an Acrylic WiFi

Acrylic WiFi: In this digital age that we are living, WiFi is our life. WiFi is a helpful tool that we can use in our every experience.


Acrylic WiFi: In this digital age that we are living, WiFi is our life. WiFi is a helpful tool that we can use in our every experience, like work and business. We can use it to access the internet in our humble home if we have WiFi, and you can use any of your smart devices to connect to it, from smartphones to laptops, PCs, and more.

Acrylic WiFi

Because of this revolutionary technology, WiFi networks are amazingly widespread in this modern world. Almost every home, office, businesses, school, and even government facilities have at least one WiFi network where they can access the internet. Well, this is how WiFi scanners enter.

And of course, Acrylic WiFi is one of the best of the WiFi scanners. Acrylic WiFi is a program of a set that offers a thorough analysis of a WiFi. It can range from internet speed,  analysis of connection security, the connection’s overall performance, and WiFi coverage. This program is perfect for analyzing WiFi, and businesses and homeowners sometimes use it because of its reliability.

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Now in the central part, Acrylic WiFi’s purpose is to scan WiFi. For a simple explanation, these WiFi scanners enable you to study your WiFi’s strength, whether it is yours or others. So here’s anything you need to know about acrylic wifi.

What is a WiFi Scanner?

The main thing that you need to know is about WiFI scanners. It is basically what its name suggests. The primary purpose of this device is to scan any close WiFi connections around it. A lot of WiFi scanners are in the form of software apps. The ones that are already in your gadget that you are using.

Also, there are versions of WiFi scanners that are the hardware that has the same features as the software. But software WiFi scanners are more convenient because you can use them on the go. 

What Does it Do?

Its purpose is to do the usual WiFi network scanning that is near it. Aside from that, different versions have better functions and capabilities. With that, it includes creating a WiFi strength report, technical support, and others. Checking for WiFi’s other features and security will be tackled later.

It is safe to say that it is a piece of software with multifunctions, and maybe you should get one.  But having to knowledge what Acrylic WiFi’s version that will fit you is something that you should consider.

How to Use its Features

The first feature that you can use when you use the Acrylic WiFi is that it scans the closest connection automatically, and this scanner lets you see the connections to WiFi. As reminded in the scenario, there are a couple of things that you need to remember: The connection list and the graph that shows how bad or good the connection compared to the other connections. While you can automatically scan WiFi connections, there is no need to put extra effort into it.

The Difference Between Acrylic WiFi Professional and Acrylic WiFi Home

There is quite a big difference between the Acrylic WiFi Professional and Acrylic WiFi Home versions. One thing is that the Home version can only function as a scanner and can scan up to five devices only. On the other hand, the Professional version has more functions.

Functions that include Wireshark Integration, Info of the connected device, Screen Mode, generates reports and data images, and technical support, which all are in Professional version’s features. Same with the Professional Version, there is also the LEA and Heatmaps Versions of Acrylic WiFi. Each one has unique functions on its own.


Now that you have segments of ideas, what is Acrylic WiFi, maybe you can use it to scan your WiFi at home or in other places. You must know the strength and other statistics of your WiFi to access some improvements. It will show you how bad or good your connection is and what you can do about it.

It is also essential to know if the connection of your device is the reason why you have a bad WiFi signal. Moreover, it’s better to use the app version because you can use it anywhere you are.

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