What Gaming Websites Accomplished in India for 2020


There is no denying that online casinos have done extremely well during 2020. With the pandemic forcing tens of millions of people into their homes, these sites have provided great service for having fun.

How Gaming Websites Have Changed India in 2020

While they have provided an invaluable service that has given millions something fun to do, these websites have done far more than that. Here are some of the ways that gaming websites have changed India during this year.

Enhanced Internet Experience for Users

One trend that has had a significant impact on the Internet as a whole has been related to the user experience. Gaming and casino developers have created graphics and interfaces that are the standard for websites these days. The beautiful look, incredible graphics, and ease of use have helped to separate them from other industries. This is why when finding best online casinos in India they quickly appreciate how dynamic and user-friendly the sites are.

Online gaming sites have realized that the experience for users is essential. This is why they are having so much success during this year. Through welcome bonuses, sites that are easy to navigate, and great designs, it makes it easy for players to find enjoyment in playing at the sites, something that Internet analysts are seeing translating to other industries.

Use of Advanced Technology

Great graphics and quality designs are important, but one area where gaming websites have really taken the lead is in the use of new technology. This is especially true with artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

It is a huge global race to see who will become leaders in the development of blockchain technologies. Already, China has become the leader in many of these innovations, leaving other nations, like the United States, in their dust. Everyone is trying to play catch up with the Chinese, which is leading to new innovations daily.

While some nations may be lagging, gaming websites have become innovators in these areas. Many online casinos have been developed during 2020 using blockchain technology. This has not only helped to create a more secure website but one that is more efficient as well. Users are loving the fact that they can feel supremely confident that their accounts and interaction with the site is protected from hackers.

For those unfamiliar with blockchain technology, this system is able to integrate computers not connected on the same network or platform to one another and create secure connections that eliminate hackers from gaining access. They also greatly speed up the efficiency of the site, making the experience for users a lot quicker and more enjoyable.

AI has also become a significant part of the online casino experience. This is helping to make the interaction with customers feel a lot more like it is when they are at the physical casino, where a waitress or dealer may treat a specific customer a little differently based upon their previous interactions. AI is allowing the online casinos to operate in this fashion, because it learns the behaviours and patterns of the player, then bills an individual profile on how to greet and reach that customer.

This is a technological advancement that is going to be used in virtually every industry in the future.

Transferring to Other Gambling Experiences

The gaming experience is going far beyond slot machines and table games. Users in India are finding that there is a growing desire to use the sites for other forms of entertainment, including sports gambling.

However, the area where it is booming is in e-Sports. India has already become one of the top five countries in the gaming world, as nearly $1 billion was spent by players in India in 2018 alone. It is expected that the number will likely rise to three or four times that amount by the end of 2020.

What gaming websites have been able to accomplish is to develop a sophisticated customer base who are looking for other forms of online entertainment that are closely linked to casinos in the manner in which they operate. In essence, they have used their own form of intelligence to ascertain that those who are involved in other forms of gaming online would be attracted to e-Sports, and have been able to integrate the two worlds into one.

This is not only attracted players to want to wager on the sports but to also play them. India has a rapidly growing pool of competitive players competing internationally in some of the more popular e-Sports gaming tournaments.

Just the Beginning?

Gaming websites have created amazing innovations in 2020, but this is likely just the start. This is a rapidly growing industry that has an almost limitless number of resources in which to use to further their progress. They are using the current systems to create new ideas and innovations, and so 2021 could be an even more impressive year.

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