What Businesses can still thrive during the recession – Eric Dalius

The COVID-19 outbreak has landed the US economy into recession. However, some businesses can hope to do well despite the current situation.


The COVID-19 outbreak has landed the US economy into recession. However, some businesses can hope to do well despite the current situation. Or, you can at least expect them to survive the pandemic and beyond. Most of these businesses either specialize in education or staple products and services. Then, some take care of evolving habits and choices. Right now, everyone has two things in mind: saving and working from home. That’s why e-commerce and online classes are in a much better position today. If you are planning to start something of your own, it can be an excellent time for you as well.

However, before jumping into any area, it would be better to explore ideas that you can do from home at little or no upfront investment and involve minimal overhead.

Online teaching

Eric J Dalius says that online learning has become an essential component of life due to lockdowns. If you access Zoom and have the motivation, you can teach online. Ensure your skills are marketable, whether you specialize in fitness, makeup, writing, cooking, or something else. You can use it as an opportunity to create a sense of community and connectedness.

Financial advice

Every person and small business needs that extra help with financial planning, asset management, and others. And in the time of economic downturn, they seek this more. The coronavirus pandemic has left small businesses helpless in the matters of financing options. They strive to find out the right solution for their survival and continuity. According to EJ Dalius, if you have expertise in this field, you can use your wisdom to turn them into your client.

Thrift stores

In unpredictable and challenging times, people avoid indulging in luxury items. Even if they go for retail therapy, they prefer secondhand or used items. In 2008, secondhand stores witnessed an almost 35% sales jump. However, in this time of recession, buyers will be more interested in online purchases. So you can create your profile on any online marketplace like eBay, Poshmark, and others and start selling your items. These sites can ask for seller fees and shipping costs. So you’ve got to watch that, though.

Home repair

As Eric Dalius rightly hints, things like gas, garage doors, toilets, sinks, and others, would break down regardless of the economic conditions. Some DIY people can manage these challenges by themselves. But a large number of the population may not do this. If you are an expert in repairing or have a network of licensed electricians, technicians, and plumbers, you can start a home repair service business quickly.

Like these, there are numerous other options you can try. These include car repair, food and beverage, and cleaning services. No matter what you choose, you have to be sure about your skillset and marketing abilities. Once you reach out to the right people, you will not have to look back. If you were wondering what to do, keep an eye on the different types of businesses and their performance. Your observations can also guide you on this journey.

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