How To Ensure You Don’t Annoy Your Customers

The best way to attract customers is to use SMS marketing. Customers around the world are actively using mobile phones.


The best way to attract customers is to use SMS marketing. Customers around the world are actively using mobile phones. Sending messages using a reliable mass texting tool allows you to stay in touch with potential users. To promote your business and increase the interest of your audience, it’s best to study the main aspects of a successful advertising campaign.

To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple

You shouldn’t send lots of messages with uninteresting content to your clients. If you send bulk SMS worldwide too often, it may lead to negativity among clients when another new notification arrives on their phones.

Special offers or “important” promotions and notifications are a clear demonstration that your company needs an urgent increase in sales. Don’t annoy users with regular reminders about your products.

The optimal range of bulk SMS international messaging in one month is from 3 to 5 notifications. The mailing should be made when you have really important information for buyers. People will be interested in your product and will be able to make purchases at any convenient time.

Useless emails that don’t contain important information will be marked as spam, and you will lose your customers. Carefully filter all information before sending notifications using the mass texting tool of your choice. It is worth considering the following aspects in advance:



main task of the mailing.

Only taking into account these features, you will be able to create a truly useful message. Look at the messages from the customer’s point of view – would it be interesting, would you want to purchase such a product?

Keep Your Promises and Build Customer Trust

If you made any promise in your mass SMS messaging, it must be fulfilled. Have you promised a prize for following a certain link? Provide such encouragement right away. Are you offering to take a survey and give a discount for a particular product after it? Provide at least a small discount, as it will increase the credibility of your company. Users will see the benefits of working with you and will not lose interest in your products.

Proofread SMS Like an Expert

Remember to check the messages for typos and mistakes. If there is a grammar error in your mass mailing, it can be attributed to the inattention of your marketer. But if each message contains incorrectly constructed sentences or other mistakes, this can be regarded as disrespect to customers.

All words written in a message reflect your brand and its core values. Reread the text of the message and make sure that there are no mistakes in it. Use various tools for checking grammar. Please, note that no slang or abbreviations are allowed in the newsletters.

Create The Perfect Call-to-Action

If your bulk SMS mailings are aimed at offering users new products or notifying them about any important information, don’t forget to include a call to action. This will increase sales and conversions on your website.

If the purpose of the messages is to provide information, the call to action can be omitted. Users just need to know that your company has now changed the work schedule or that the goods arrival is delayed due to some difficulties.

Choose The Best Time to Send Marketing Text Messages

Messages sent at the wrong time will be ignored. Suppose a user receives a notification in the middle of a business day. Will, he read the message right away? The chances of this are minimal. He will probably leave a message until the evening, and in the evening he will simply forget about it. Thus, the information will be missed.

Don’t schedule your mailing for nights. Customers awakened by an informational message will definitely not buy your goods in the morning. They are more likely to unsubscribe from the mailing list so that the next notification in the middle of the night doesn’t interrupt their sleep.

Most companies have conducted researches, according to which the best time to send bulk messages is Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

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