Key Features Of A Restaurant POS

Almost every restaurant owner is using a POS system these days. Almost every restaurant owner is using a POS system these days.


Almost every restaurant owner is using a POS system these days. The ease and efficiency it provides to them remain unrivaled and the progress of their business largely depends on it. This is particularly helpful to those who manage multiple outlets and have to oversee the activities of all of them. POS systems, like Harbourtouch, handle more than just sales or transactions.

It is not just helpful to the person handling payments, but even the waiters and those in the kitchen also benefit from the POS system in place. Some of the things you can do on the POS system include, handling your inventory, managing your employees, accessing customer information, and analyzing their habits, and a lot more.

There are some very key things a restaurant POS system does that would make managing your business a lot easier, such as

1. Managing Customer Database

The restaurant business is one where your relationship with your customers is very very important. Customers love it when you are able to remember a thing or two about them, such as their favorite order. The problem is that you have so many customers and it may be difficult to remember each of them individually. A restaurant POS helps you manage your customers’ database, giving you enough information about your customers like their names, birthdays, favorite orders, and much more. This also helps you track customers’ behavior, knowing more about what they like, how they order, and other important things that would help your business.

2. Cloud-based Systems

Technology has made things easier these days so that things can be stored online. Unlike traditional POS systems where everything was stored on-site, that means in the restaurant, cloud-based POS systems store information online. The beauty of this is that it can be accessed anywhere from any internet-capable device. This means you can be on holiday in any part of the world and keep an eye on your restaurant from your smartphone. This is also good for people with multiple outlets as it enables them to manage the activities of other outlets effectively without always visiting them.

3. Managing Employees

A POS system would also give you the function to manage your employees. You might not always be around your restaurant but the POS system would allow you to monitor the activities of your employees, know how long they have been working, what they have accomplished, when they clocked in and out, and other features.

4. Reporting

A restaurant POS also prepares reports for you as you want them. These reports would help you understand more about your business and what goes on regularly. Whether you want the reports daily or monthly, the POS can always provide you with a report when you want it. This includes sales reports, inventory reports, and even employee reports, giving you a brief of the activities of your employees. Having access to such reports would help you plan better and make well-informed decisions concerning your business.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Another way to enhance your customers’ experience is by running loyalty programs to reward loyal customers. POS software allows you to print gift cards and run discount offers without affecting normal transactions. Gift cards given to customers can be easily redeemed by the POS. This would increase customer loyalty and would help your business bloom.

6. Linking POS With Inventory

You can also link your inventory to your POS which would allow you to track inventory levels at all times. With that, you will be able to know the exact number of items of a particular product you need, what customers are buying more, what they are not buying. This helps you save a lot of money as you would buy only what you need, helping you reduce waste.

7. Online Ordering

These days, many people prefer to just order from the comfort of their home and either has their orders delivered to them or choose the pickup option. In any case, ordering from home takes time. Go for a POS system that can handle online ordering as this eliminates any error that would arise when it is handled by a staff. So when a person places an order online, it is automatically placed with the POS system

8. Technical Support

By all means, when choosing the POS software to buy, go for one that offers technical support. The last thing you would want is to experience a system downtime with no form of support to address it. Getting technical support means you would receive technical assistance whenever something goes wrong. This would make sure that you are always in business and do not disappoint your customers.

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