How to Make your Home Comfortable for Your Grandmother

How to Make your Home Comfortable for Your Grandmother

How to Make your Home Comfortable for Your Grandmother: Having your old grandmother live with you can be a great way to get to know her and even spend quality time with her on a regular basis. She is not only bound to enjoy having your company but she is going to be thankful for not having to live alone someplace else. Older folks love to talk and spend time with their grandkids.

How to Make your Home Comfortable for Your Grandmother

They don’t look for more than just quality time with loved ones. So if you have recently decided to bring your grandmother to live with you there might be some changes that you will have to make so that her stay will be comfortable.

As you know she is old and this will need to have more care. You might have to do some minor and major alterations to your home and deco so that you make the surrounding safe and friendly for her. Here are some basics things that will need to be looked into.

How to Make your Home Comfortable for Your Grandmother

Her Bedroom

You are going to have to set up a nice bedroom for her. Take out all the clutter as you don’t want to keep objects that she can trip on. Switch up the lights and have nice bright lights. If there are floor rugs all over, replace them with a smooth carpet that does not have a sudden finish to it. Basically she must not have any poking areas that she can trip over.

For the bed having a firm base is very important. You can make this more comfortable by adding some nice foam mattress. These are great to make the bed so much more comfortable and even if it’s an old bed, it will look all new and nice. Use soft cotton linen for her bedding as it will be less likely to irritate her sensitive skin.

Have a nice night lamp that she can reach easily from her bed. This way she can read a night if she likes to. It is also a good idea to give her an extra set of drawers where she can place any random items. Like her medication, glasses and other little trinkets. This way she won’t keep troubling you to say she can’t remember where she has placed them.

Her Bathroom

Bathrooms are very important. Having non-skid paddings placed in the shower, bathtub and wet areas of the floor is very important. You do not want her to have a fall. You might even like to consider installing handrails for her to use.

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These can come in handy even if she is left at home alone. Making sure you also have good control of the water temperature is important. You do not want her to get hurt by using water that is too hot. Once again lights that are bright are very key to keeping things safe.

The Kitchen

It is also very important to make sure that you have a kitchen that will allow her to prepare meals and do whatever she may like. There are the countertop heights that you might want to look into.

If things are too tall for her then she might get hurt trying to cook something. So make sure the cooking area is suitable for her height and adjust things around so that she won’t have to climb on things to get pots and pans.

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