How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress?

How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress: Has your WordPress website ever gone down? And, do you know this can affect the reputation of your website?

Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress

How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress: Has your WordPress website ever gone down? And, do you know this can affect the reputation of your website? In fact, your website can sometimes go down and get back without your knowledge.

How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress

You will learn how to monitor server uptime in WordPress here. In turn, you will be aware of everything that is happening on your website.

What is the meaning of monitoring server uptime?

Without any doubt, you cannot stare at your screen 24/7, so as to monitor your WordPress website. However, you can do so using some free services. Apart from monitoring if your website goes down or not, these services offer you with various causes for the downtime.

Why is it important to monitor the uptime of your WordPress website?

You should avoid compromising on monitoring your website. Here are the reasons:

  • Search engine influence: do you know search engines can assume your website is not consistent if it has many downtimes? In fact, most of the times penalize websites that do not maintain 24/7 uptime.
  • Readers reliability: keep in mind that your guests are your readers. Thus, you should always focus on entertaining and guiding them via your content. Do not leave them alone in the new place. As a matter of fact, when your site is down, it is similar to locking visitors out of your house without any intentions.
  • Loss of money: you cannot avoid the loss of revenue from your website if it’s inaccessible for a duration of time.

How does the monitoring function?

Here, we shall show you how to utilize different WordPress plugins which monitors your website at regular intervals. Besides that, each time your website goes down, they send automatic notifications to a log file that records all data. You can also hire WP Experts who provide WordPress Support Services.

These plugins include:

  1. WP Really Simple Health for WordPress

A WordPress plugin that monitors the server uptime of your WordPress website. Besides that, it lets you track memory usage and CPU load. In addition, this plugin is essential if you are using a small VPS server as it does not affect the speed of your site, and has lightweight.

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To use it, you should start by downloading and installing it. After that, move to Settings>> WP Really Simple Health.


In this window, you will see different choices that you can either activate or deactivate through checking the checkboxes. Further, you can check all the information about the choices you have checked by viewing the WordPress admin bar.

2. TagBeep Uptime Monitor for WordPress

A free plugin to monitor WordPress that is ideal for small publishers. To use it, start by downloading and installing it. Once you are done, move to Plugins>> TagBeep Uptime.


You will be required to type your email and blog URL, as well as creating a strong password. After that, click the “Start monitoring this blog” button.

External Monitoring Service Providers

It does not make sense to go for an external service provider for a service that is available in WordPress. However, there are some monitoring service providers which provides great outcomes. Here are the providers:

  • Site 24×7.
  • cpanel vps
  • Pingdom.
  • Service Uptime.

In any case, the disk space of your website is low, or your hosting service provider is not reliable, consider using these providers. Reason being, they do not perform any extraction from your website. Rather, like Google analytics, they offer your full statistics on their site.


How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress: For your website to remain ranked higher in search engines rankings, you should get reliable server uptime tools. Besides that, you should ensure your website remains uptime 24/7 in a day. You can also hire WordPress Experts who will take care of your WordPress website and provide you WordPress management services.

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