NCERT Books for Class 6 English

NCERT Textbooks have been compiled and curated to cater to the best learning experience for the students of various classes.


NCERT Textbooks have been compiled and curated to cater to the best learning experience for the students of various classes. These textbooks consist of age-appropriate content and are simple to grasp and fun to learn. The curriculum is constructed to enhance the learning skills and boost the creativity of students. NCERT books for class 6 English curriculum are composed of a collection of stories, articles, poems, and excerpts that are insightful, entertaining, stimulating, and thought-provoking.

Benefits of class 6 English curriculum

The main course book for class 6 English is ‘Honeysuckle’ and the lessons in the textbook are carefully collated to enlighten and encourage the students, and aim at improving their reading, speaking, listening, and vocabulary skills.

Specific exercises and activities have been included in the textbook after the lessons to improve the students’ understanding of the concepts and ideas discussed in each lesson. Questions based on the content of the lessons and their analysis help the students to be more creative and imaginative. These questions help the students to build their capacity to comprehend the lesson and to critically analyze the content and style of writing. The students are not restricted to learning the lessons and reproducing the answers but are pushed out of their shells to think out of the box and give meaning to the lessons on their own terms. 

The curriculum aims at the holistic development of the student’s English skills and achieves this through the various practice questions included in the textbook with clear and proper instructions for the teachers to guide them through the questions. These questions are put together in simple terms that can be easily attempted by the students and also provide a quick recap of the lesson. The lessons incorporated in the curriculum are noteworthy in content and are an amalgamation of values, life lessons, inspiration, fantasy, and literary devices which aid the students to grasp these concepts and ensure a fun learning experience. 

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The supplementary textbook titled ‘A pact with Sun’ seeks to enable students to develop reading habits. The textbook is included in the syllabus for students to read it on their own and later share their interpretation and appreciation of the texts with the teacher and the rest of the students. The chapters in the text are further discussed in the classes through various activities and questions or even role-plays. The book contains ten pieces and each of them has been divided into two or three manageable parts. 

This format is being tried to make comprehension easier and concentration keener. 

After each piece, a set of questions follows as means to understanding and also as an idea for discussion sometime during the classes. Discussion on related topics should be encouraged so that learners get an opportunity to go beyond the scopes of the book and feel inspired to attain more knowledge. The stories, along with the apt illustrations that come with it, deal with themes of cooperation, compassion, respect for elders, sound decision making, the magic of music, health, adventure, peace, and social harmony. It is hoped that learners will find the book enjoyable and rewarding enough to find learning more fun. 

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Apart from the poems and prose included in the textbooks as prescribed by the NCERT, the curriculum looks to incorporate lessons in grammar as well. Teachers are required to teach students the various basic concepts in Grammar as a continuation to what has been taught in lower classes. The concepts that come under the class 6 Grammar syllabus include tenses, modals, use of articles, degree of comparison, parts of speech, different kinds of Nouns, etc. Students are to work out the exercise questions provided as practice in order to get acquainted with the rules established behind the grammar.

Remembering and getting the concepts etched within the students becomes easier when more questions are done and the students are given proper lessons on how and why certain parts of the grammar learned are applied in each scenario. Grasping of knowledge becomes easier for learners when they are imparted in a much more fun way. Students can be shown videos and images of words and construction of sentences which will leave a mark on the students and they might find it easier to retain what they have learned in a better way.

The curriculum is framed by NCERT makes sure that enough and more resources, both online and offline ones, are noted down in the curriculum for the purpose of finding the best way to teach a language like English to young students. The grammar lessons that are taught at this stage of education usually stand as a basic foundation of the language for the students upon which new concepts are to be built in the classes to come.

The curriculum instructs the teachers to form an interactive mode inside the classrooms as it is during these young ages that students ought to develop good communication skills. When interactions occur inside the classroom both amongst the students and with the teacher, it becomes easier for children to get used to speaking in English and thereby gets a strong foundation in the language despite the syntaxes of grammar and stories, poems, etc are included in the syllabus.

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At this level of education, children are said to grasp more knowledge especially with respect to languages. This gives a crucial tone to the language studies included in the curriculum of each class as one of the core subjects that are mandatory for all students. Students sometimes tend to overlook learning English in schools but it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to make sure that they learn it.

But when it comes to story languages, merely theorizing it and studying the rules of the language now and then will not enable the students to get familiar with it. It is important for students to do well in spoken English as well, which means learning to write and read alone would not be enough but instead, good communication in English should also come easily to the students. 

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