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As soon as next month, the Champions League will continue. Many fans have been waiting for this for a long time.


As soon as next month, the Champions League will continue. Many fans have been waiting for this for a long time since the main European tournament gave an opportunity to significantly increase their funds, which was also due to the right bet in India online betting on attested 1xBet.

One of the most anticipated games is the duel between Juventus and Lyon. In the first match, the team from Turin showed a disgusting result, which can’t be said about the French players. Sarri’s team created chances, but actualizing was far from satisfactory for the fans and the coach.

Football experts have already begun discussing the forthcoming competition and even managed to make a few predictions for the game. Of course, the majority give their preference to the club from Turin. Which is not surprising at all, since the probable victory of Juventus is due to a number of factors:

  1. Serie A. Despite the fact that the team from Turin used to have a tough situation in the Italian championship against Lazio recently, today Juve have a little overcome its competitors — this gives the team an opportunity to focus on the Champions League.
  2. Motivation. The team is extremely motivated to win the Champions League since they have only managed to do it twice throughout the club’s history. But today the Turin club is one of the strongest in modern football, which means that Saria has every chance to bring the team to the final stage at the least.
  3. Prestige. Recently, Juventus fell flat on its face when playing in the Italian Cup Final against Napoli. For 120 minutes, the players failed to finish the attack, which resulted in losing in a penalty shootout. Winning the Champions League is a kind of rehabilitation.

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