Known the Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Testing

Outsourcing Software Testing implies you are hiring an independent outsourcing software testing company or groups of freelancers to perform the task.


Outsourcing means when you assign a process of your business to a third-party company that has efficiency and specialization in the same. Outsourcing Software Testing implies you are hiring an independent outsourcing software testing company like Saigon Technology or groups of freelancers to perform the task with the help of a skilled workforce.

Outsourcing Software Testing

Businesses generally outsource when they don’t have the required skills and talented workforce to complete the task effectively. No doubt, it will save a lot of time and money that can be invested somewhere else but there are certain limitations as well. Outsourcing can also lead to certain repercussions if not handled carefully.

So here we have listed both the pros and cons of outsourcing software testing so that you can easily come upon a decision:


1. Save Money

The first and the foremost benefit of outsourced software testing is it completely eliminates the need to invest in a highly advanced software or technology that will be required to perform the testing. So your organization can save a lot of HR costs that would have been otherwise invested in training employees for testing.

2. Save Time

Not only money, but outsourcing software testing also saves your time. The entire project of testing is given to a third-party who takes care of every single thing and the organization need not invest its time on it. This way the company can divert its time to some other business areas that need extra attention.

3. Efficiency

When you outsource software testing, you get professionals and experts to do the job who are specialized in their field of work. This way you can stay assured of quality work and the experts will get the work done on time and with perfection. Your employees may not have the required skills and you have to invest in them to achieve the desired outcome. So if you desire efficiency in software testing, consider outsourcing it.

4. Timely Delivery

Outsourcing software testing ensures that you no longer have to keep a check on your employees about the progress of the assigned task. The hired company will give you a fixed date and you will get the task done on the stipulated date. So outsourcing ensures that you stay stress-free and focus on important tasks.

5. Better Options

When you outsource any of your business processes, you get a variety of options to choose from. Moreover, you can switch from one outsourcing company to another for every software testing project of your company. You can choose from a plethora of companies that you think are capable of doing your work in a better way.


1. Security Issues

While outsourcing any business process, security is the main concern. To conduct a software testing process, you will need to share confidential information such as customer database, design documents, and others with the third-party service provider. So you need to ensure that the outsourcing company that you choose must be a trusted one and your data must be secure with them.

2. Finding a Service Provider

The most difficult task of outsourcing software testing is to find a proficient company that has the required experience and skills to do the job with perfection. You cannot just choose any company that shows up on Google, without knowing the quality of their work. So you need to do thorough research and find a trusted company that can handle the crucial project.

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3. No Control

An important task like software testing has to be observed constantly but that wouldn’t be possible if you outsource it. You will only get the results delivered on time without knowing about the technologies used. This way you will lose control over your project and will not know if it is being done correctly and will be delivered on time or not.

4. Differences in Time

If you outsource software testing internationally to get extra advantages that are not available in your country, you are going to face a disadvantage in terms of time zones. Also, there will be language barriers if both countries don’t know the same languages. So when you work across borders, it will become difficult to fight off the constraint of time and communication.

5. Lack of Observation

You cannot observe every single step of the software testing after it has been outsourced. However, if you have assigned the task to your employees, you can easily check the progress at every step. But that is not possible in the case of outsourcing as you can only contact them on the assigned date when the testing is expected to complete.


Now that you know the pros and cons of outsourced software testing, what have you decided? Would you outsource software testing or will prefer to do it in-house? Make sure to evaluate both sides of the coins and choose what you think would be better for the overall growth of your business.

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