Psychology Of Color In Logo Design


Colours are such an effective way to convey your emotions and message. Everyone loves colours. We cannot imagine life without them. Their importance extends to logo design as well. Using the correct colour for your brand helps the target audience relate with emotions that you want to trigger. It conveys the message of the brand to the audience without even letting them know. Also, it makes logos more eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Using the correct colour for your company is a must. Here we made a list of colours and what emotions they trigger.

Psychology of color in logo design is explained below- 

3. Red

Red is a highly attractive color to be used in logo design. It grabs attention in seconds and forces people to have a look at your work effortlessly. Red symbolizes Energy, wrath, excitement, love and urgency. It can be used to show positivity and affection too. Using red for the entertainment industry is a great option. For instance, Netflix has used red perfectly. Despite the simple logo, it makes the bold text stand out even more. 

2. Blue

Blue is a color that calms and soothes your eyes when you look at it. It does not burn or hurt your eyes. 

To add to this, blue is a symbol of dependability. Using it correctly in logo design can help you make huge profits. Many electronic brands use blue in their logo like Dell. It brings a sense of professionalism and reliability. Thus, PayPal used it. 

Moreover, a feeling of tranquillity and strength is also received.  As it brings tranquillity, it is known to slow down the metabolism of your body a little. 

3. Green

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes new beginnings, a healthy environment and safety. The aura that it sets up is calm, serene and peaceful. The green color is also associated with health. It is considered a status symbol for wealth and ambition too. It is hugely used by nature-based companies and others too. For instance, Animal Planet and Girl Scouts use green color in their logo designs. 

4. Orange

Orange is a mixture of yellow and red color. It symbolizes joy and creativity. It targets emotions like compassion, happiness and warmth. Also, youthfulness and enthusiasm is rightly depicted through orange. 

It stands out in the crowd and grabs the eye of customers. It is kid friendly and great for kid brands. For instance, Nickelodeon used orange in its logo to attract kids. 

Studies have shown that this colour stimulates hunger. Many restaurants use this colour to increase activity and boost oxygen supply too. Fanta brand uses orange colour to attract people and ask them to drink without even people knowing. 

5. Purple

Purple is a symbol of royalty and mysticism. It is known to activate imagination in the minds of viewers. Also, it builds a sense of wisdom if used. It is used rarely by brands and thus, is considered precious and delicate. 

Purple is a royal colour and is considered such from long ago. Elegance and glam are portrayed if you use this colour in your logo design. It is a sign of luxury and sophistication. 

Next, Cadbury uses purple in its logo beautifully. 

6. Black

Black is not a color but it demarcates the absence of colors. It does not mean it does not portray any feelings. 

It is a sign of strength, professionalism and sophistication. Black is a prestigious corporate color. It builds an air of mystery and power if used. It boosts confidence also. It is timeless, beautiful and gives off an edgy vibe. 

Puma, Apple and Nike are famous brands using black in the logo. Grey, silver, charcoal come in this case. Mercedes has used silver flawlessly in its logo.

7. Brown

Brown is used by brands to symbolize trust and reliability. It builds a sense of relaxation and calmness through itself. 

It connects with nature because of its earthy tones. M&Ms have used this colour perfectly. 

8. White

White is a sign of peace as we all know. But not only this, but it also has various hidden meanings. As it is linked to light, it is a sign of innocence, beginnings, purity and guidance. 

It also builds a sense of clarity in mind and helps in cleanliness. Usage of white in the logo makes it look clean and simple. White is used immensely in logos by combining it with various other colours to portray different notions. 


Colour plays a crucial role in sending signals and messages from brand to its target audience. However, correct colour usage is highly necessary. Using a totally different colour can hurt the whole brand. If you do not know how to use colour psychology for your company, use online logo makers for help. Designhill Logo Maker is a great option for designing perfect custom logos. 

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