What are Sewing Patterns and How to use them?

Have you ever wondered how cool making your wardrobe truly yours could be? It is possible now because of many kinds of sewing patterns available on the market.


Have you ever wondered how cool making your wardrobe truly yours could be? It is possible now because of many kinds of sewing patterns available on the market. You can use pattern pieces in order to create your own clothes, which are unique and one of a kind. What are sewing patterns and how to use them properly?

What is the meaning of sewing patterns?

Sewing patterns are PDF files or pieces of paper with instructions of how to sew clothing (all kinds of garment actually). Each sewing pattern contains templates so that the user could cut out the pieces of his sewing project.

Generally speaking, it is a guide to sew not only clothes but also other products. The guide consists of many parts that make it up. We can usually see flat pieces of paper and drawings on the top of it. The main reason for that drawing is to help people to cut out the shape of the fabric. Templates, which we use as guides to help us create a garment (or another item) – this is the best definition of sewing patterns.

Pattern pieces have symbols, which we call pattern markings. Those symbols are important – thanks to them we can see which piece is which. We need them to make sure we put everything together properly.

Sewing patterns – for whom?

Who can benefit from sewing patterns? Anyone who is interested in DIY activities. Sewing patterns are made for creative souls and for individuals, who don’t follow trends blindly. Choosing a sewing pattern is like choosing creativity.

There are many sewing patterns for women, men and kids. Everyone will find something suitable! If you want to sew for yourself, you want to pick something that will look good on you. You want something stylish and fashionable. You can find it in theĀ  Ministry of Patterns – one of the sewing pattern companies, a very inspiring place with lots of creative ideas.

From the pattern pieces to good looking clothing – examples of the garment you can create

If you are willing to have your first taste of sewing patterns but you still don’t know which one to choose, you can try with, for example, blouses patterns. There are much more options! How about trying pants patterns? Or maybe shirts patterns? You can decide to use dresses, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts and jumpsuits patterns. You can actually use any other pattern – the only thing that limits you is your imagination!

How do sewing patterns work?

The first thing you have to do is to pick up what you like – all kinds of garments are available, as you already know. The next step is to buy the chosen pattern. The easiest way to do it is simply adding the pattern to the cart. It is usually possible to register your own account, but you are also allowed to order as a guest. The next step is to fill up your data. Then you have to choose a payment method and… pay. Making an order has never been so easy!

Print the pattern pieces…

As a customer you will get an e-mail with a special link where you can download chosen patterns in all sizes. You should follow the instruction attached. When it comes to sizes – each size is in a different file so you can find what you need easily and make use of it.

You have to get rid of the left and top margins of every page by trimming them off. There is another option – folding the margins back. When the pages are taped together, it is the time to cut out pattern pieces.

… and cut them!

Remember to check all descriptions because some of the pattern pieces have to be double cut. Pay attention to the fabric – sometimes you should use the main fabric, another time you will need contrast fabric. Lay all pieces on the fabric which you have decided on and cut them!

Time for sewing

After finding, paying, printing and cutting your perfect pattern piece (or pieces), it’s time for sewing. Is it your first time doing it? Are you a beginner and you find this all a little confusing? Don’t worry – it will be more than easy with a step by step instruction.

Especially for sewing patterns’ users, each step in instruction and each pattern is marked by the same letter. To be more precise, all the patterns should have a test square with a scale on. It should help to check whether you print and sew everything in the right size. Remember about setting your print scale to 100%.

Don’t forget to be careful while reading instructions. Notches, fold lines and bust and hip indicators – all pattern markings are detailed explained in the instructions. Make sure you understand everything well. A few more tips for you: stay-stitch the neckline, then sew on the darts and finally sew the back to the front. You will definitely feel satisfied and proud of your work!

Tips and advices for sewing pattern success

One of the most important tips before starting your adventure with sewing – do not forget about body measurements. Make sure to measure your waist, bust, hips and height. It will help you with marking out the correct cutting lines on chosen sewing pattern. Remember about the biggest advantage of sewing patterns – they can be tailored, which means that they will fit your body perfectly. That might be worth using!

Second advice is to necessarily wash chosen fabric before marking it out for cutting. Washing will help prevent problems. Some fabrics may shrink so it’s better to wash them first. It is also the matter of stopping the dye from running. Don’t forget to lightly iron the fabric in order to remove any wrinkles and creases.

When it comes to joining your pattern together, it would be a good idea to use a flat surface in order to connect the different sheets of pattern. Placing it on the window is a clever solution you should try without a doubt. Do it with the purpose of matching up the lines before joining together with sellotape. You will be surprised how helpful advice it is! When the patterns are flat and all the edges are straight, you can finally cut out the size you need.


Sewing patterns are a big facility of our times. It is the best way to look fashionable and, at the same time, to show creativity, to be different, to try different styles. You choose what you want to wear. It is as simple as that! You only need to pick up patterns you like, buy them, print them and sew them on your own. You can do it with a little patience. Just follow the instructions and magic will happen!

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