How do you stop shoes from squeaking?

Stop Shoes Squeaking: There is nothing more annoying than having your perfectly bought new pair of shoes squeaking when you enter a certain place.


Stop Shoes Squeaking: There is nothing more annoying than having your perfectly bought new pair of shoes squeaking when you enter a certain place. Should you want to stop shoes squeaking you need to implement a special strategy that keeps on being quite unknown to many people.

Stop Shoes Squeaking

Shoes squeaking is a worldwide phenomenon of brand-new shoes. It comes from the increased friction of the outsole to the wooden surface of an indoor sports facility. Usually, basketball players are mostly aggravated by this situation which has been the worst thing it can happen to you during a basketball game.

It can distract the attention of the players from the game, which is important to be focused on the common goal. However, squeaking keeps on being a natural procedure that all rubber-based soles are doing when interacting with smooth surfaces like wooden floors and laminate ones.

What is the Origin of the Squeaking Sound?

It is a high-frequency sound that is produced when the rubber outsole is getting rubbed to the smooth gaming surfaces. Small molecules of rubber are reacting firmly with some wood molecules and besides the heat produces there is always a special sound that is heard and keeps on being pretty obnoxious for your ears. Here’s a guide about rubber farm boots quaking tip, check this out.

This sound cannot be easily omitted no matter what the real quality of your shoes is. Many professional basketball players prefer to wear already worn shoes that have already abandoned their first rubber layer to the ground. These shoes keep on being less noise than their completely fresh counterparts that are struggling to enter the market.

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Squeaking has been said to be also providing discomfort to the referees as well as the spectators of the game. It isn’t rare to view spectators to cover their ears with special pads just to avoid the noise from shoes squeaking that is the number one issue of distress in public events like those.

Can Squeaking be Reduced to Acceptable Levels?

Scientists are constantly trying to find new substances and materials that will minimize this noise phenomenon. However, there hasn’t been a lot of progress during the past two decades, primarily due to inefficient funding of the whole project from the university or the Ministry of Education.

Squeaking is a natural reaction of two surfaces that are coming closer together one to each other and produce friction, heat, and sounds. The most important thing you have to do when you are willing to reduce this annoying phenomenon is to pass your outer layer of the shoes with castor oil.

This substance has a lot of nourishing agents for the outsole while it reduces significantly the friction between the two parts. This will create a swallower sound that will definitely not be identified as squeaking from the other people’s ears. In doctor and dentist profession shoe squeaking is a very uneasy thing so choose dentist shoes which are not making noise.

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Another way to securely reduce the sound to more acceptable levels would be to wear the shoes more and run on steep heels so that the outsole starts losing some parts of it to other grounds. When you are keeping your best shoes only for indoor basketball shoes, you are always going to have the squeaking issue imprinted in your mind.

On the other hand, there is always the chance to reduce your body weight. This is a challenging issue that may not initially influence the situation. However, you can count on this enhanced relationship and when the conditions are mature you could step on your squeaking shoes and start working normally again.


Stop Shoes Squeaking: Squeaking is something that happens in all people no matter where you are or how heavy you are. There are many factors that can imply to be dominant, however, no one seems to be the primary issue to this problem.

People that are trying to step on the floor with their new shoes are more likely to have this extended duration sound that isn’t appreciated by all persons. You have to be patient until you finally get used to this sound or buy an expensive pair of shoes that have special rubber alloys that eliminate that noise.

Make sure that the squeaking you are referring to is not happening for the first time and that you are having a normal walking pattern.

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