The Top 10 Best Spend Management Software Solutions

10 Best Spend Management Software Solutions

Software that tracks and manages revenue for small businesses such as a Florida dispensary can make all the difference when it comes to profitability.

Best Spend Management Software Solutions

Here is the most reliable business spend management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.


Spendesk offers a complete spend management solution that includes a lot of helpful and intuitive features. Spendesk allows businesses to automate recurring expenses, match expense claims to invoices automatically (thanks to OCR software), and save a lot of time.


Airbase is the only platform that combines comprehensive accounts payable automation with a software-enabled corporate cards program and fully automated employee expense reimbursement.


Wave is a fantastic bookkeeping tool that can be used by freelancers and budding entrepreneurs. Solo business owners can accept credit cards, process invoices, and keep their books in order with Wave. Wave also features receipt-scanning software that is essential for on-the-go spending to keep track of expenses.


Expensify allows users to import expenses from an existing credit card and generate expense reports quickly. This is a tool that automates recurring payments and makes it easier to track and process expenses. It’s aimed at freelancers as well as emerging businesses.


Precoro is an innovative procurement and cost management solution. It helps companies to eliminate manual work and save time and money. Precoro solves three problems: Manual work using paper, Google Docs, and Slack messages. Over-budgeting can lead to financial loss; – Human mistakes can cause inefficient time. Precoro will help you eliminate all paper, Excel, and manual work. It also allows you to streamline approvals and get your purchases done faster so you can do your job the best.


FreshBooks is primarily marketed as accounting software, but also offers an automated expense tool that allows users to track and manage expenses. This handy feature is appreciated by many growing businesses that rely on FreshBooks to manage their accounting.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank focuses on one thing: the easy extraction of data from bills, invoices, receipts, and other expense documents. It eliminates the need to keep physical copies of documents and allows users to scan them and upload them to accounting software.


Scanbot is not just for spending management. This great tool allows you to scan any document using your smartphone. This includes invoices and receipts. These documents can be instantly digitalized and saved to the folder you choose. Every receipt can be saved by business travelers, so they don’t have to worry about losing it.


Scannable was created by Evernote’s team and is like Scanbot. You can scan any document with your smartphone. Evernote users have the added advantage of it integrating natively with their larger tool.


Certify is a tool that helps large companies streamline and save time in the reimbursement of travel expenses. This is especially useful for larger companies with mobile workforces.


Final Force is a cloud-based accounting tool that can be used for multiple purposes, is designed to help larger businesses organize their operations. It has a high level of flexibility and is well-suited to businesses that want a clear picture of their financial performance.

Although it is more of a general accounting tool than a spend management tool, it has a powerful cash management function. FinancialForce allows users to perform transactions and reconcile from multiple currencies and accounts.

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