7 Possible Reasons Why Some Websites Are Blocked

Isn’t it frustrating when you try to open an unknown website on the internet, and you find it blocked? Let’s find out the reasons why some websites are blocked here.

Why do websites get blocked?

We haven’t found the answers to one such question even when technology has advanced to such a progressive extent.

For example, even when you try to access The PirateBay, you can see that the website is blocked. Although this website is banned in many countries, which is probably why you can’t access it, why do they even get banned?

Let’s read this article and find out the probable reasons behind websites getting blocked/banned.

Reasons Why Some Websites Are Blocked

Censorship appears to be increasing in many countries, which is probably one of the primary reasons, so many websites are getting blocked every day. However, even if the government takes this decision, do we know why they take it? Let’s find out:

1: Violation Of Privacy Policies

It is one of the most common reasons why so many websites get blocked. In addition, if the site showcases pirated content, it might be one reason why the clients of those sites demand to block it.

For example, torrenting sites are often accused of advertising copyright-protected materials, which is why so many countries have blocked them.

The good thing about this is, you can still view these sites if you install a VPN on your PC. when you use a VPN, it masks your IP address and bypasses it to some other nation where the website is not blocked. Thus, you can still access the site.

2: Google Labels Them As Dangerous Sites

If your website showcases spam content, Google may label it as a dangerous site. In that context, you will find the website is blocked every time you try to access it.

If Google labels the site as dangerous, you probably should stay away from it. It means the website is trying to distribute malware, and we know you don’t want to download any malware-laced content on your PC.

If you still want to access those sites, you may try using some other browser. However, if they also label the site as dangerous, it’s high time you listen to these cautionary signs.

3: Companies May Block Certain Websites

If you are trying to access a movie website while you are working in the office, and you find it blocked, that may be because the company has blocked it. Companies do these kinds of things because they want their employees to work more efficiently.

If the company has access to corporate surveillance software such as SpyTech, or bandwidth controlling software, it can monitor the changes in a corporate network. Thus, they will know if you are trying to access a blocked website.

If you want to access these websites, we suggest you open them from your personal PC. If you still find them blocked, that means those sites are probably banned in your nation.

4: The Website May Be Hacked

Website owners sometimes hire third parties to manage the content or monitor the site performance. Now, this person may have hacked the site without the website owner’s knowledge.

It may also happen that hackers are prying on that site, and due to lack of firewall security, they got its access. Whatever the case is, when websites are hacked, they will be blocked on our computers.

You may not access this site until and unless the owner finds the hacker and deals with it.

5: Technical Issues

When website owners work on internal site issues, they block the site temporarily. It means the website you are now seeing is blocked, will not be blocked if you try to access them a few days later.

There may be other technical issues that the website managers are working on. Whatever the context is, when you find a known website blocked, it is probably down because they are working on their internal server.

Just try to open them a few days later, and it will work just fine.

6: The Website Has Explicit Content

If any website has explicit/adult content, it may be why you are finding the website blocked. Usually, these websites are age-restricted, so if you are below 18 years, you probably won’t be able to access them.

Even parents sometimes block these websites because they don’t want their children to access such unsolicited sites. Hence, if you are above 18 years old, you can just put down that age, and you won’t find that website blocked anymore.

7: Political/Economic Reasons

Some countries block some websites due to censorship reasons. You will find them blocked/ banned when you try to access them. It is the government’s approach to keep tabs on people’s internet usage so that they can limit mbc2030 live dashboard their access to the outside world.

This is why they use Geoblocking and blacklist certain websites that may publish controversial content on them. If you try to access these websites, a VPN may help you. It will mask your online identity and let you safely access the blocked site.

Putting It All Together

We have mentioned the 7 possible reasons why some websites are blocked. Once you use a VPN, you may access most of those sites. However, if the website is down for technical error, it’s better to open it after some days. If you want to know more, ask us in the comment box.

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