Top Tips on Choosing the Best Video Player For My Blog Site


I am always asked: what are the top tips on choosing the best video player for my blog site? In this article, I will share with you what I have found when I am faced with this same question.

There are thousands of users who want to blog on the Internet, today there are a lot of people who write their blogs online and search engines are also playing a major role in increasing the number of these bloggers.

With time and the advancement of Information Technology, more people started using the web and started producing products online. The process of making products and services online is very expensive and it is mostly for profit only. Businesses try to attract more customers by creating websites which provide a lot of useful information to the public.

Blogs are not limited to provide valuable information but also use the internet as a tool to make some money. Web visitors love a user-friendly website because they find it easy to browse and find what they are looking for. A blog site is usually made of several pages of text and images.

I can say with certainty that videos are really great and that they are the best medium to upload your products or services

What if you do not want to host videos? You can use them without having to wait for your visitor to load the first video. With the power of your own hosting account, you can embed all your videos to your blog and load them instantly. This way, visitors can watch them without waiting for their computer to load.

The other advantage of using videos is that your visitors will be able to enjoy the videos by watching them. If you run a website that has a lot of videos that you uploaded, you can make them accessible to your visitors, thereby increasing the number of views.

Knowing the importance of video players in your blog site is important. So to help you, these are the following tips in choosing the best video player for your blog site.

Tips for Choosing Best Video Player

Choose The Video Format That Suits Your Needs

Choose the video format that suits your needs. You can use the HTML video formats and the Flash format.

Try Out The Plug-Ins

You can also try out the plug-ins that can help you optimise your websites to get the best results. Of course, there are still some things that you can do to improve the performance of your videos.

Make Sure That the Files Are Unzipped

You have to make sure that the files are unzipped, even if you want to compress them. Compressing videos slow down your server and can cause a lot of problems. Why spend money on the services of a professional when you can try it out yourself?

Make Sure That The Quality of the Compression Is Acceptable

Make sure that the quality of the compression is acceptable. Sometimes, the best compression codec is actually the one that gives you the best output quality.

Make Sure That the Quality Image and Video Quality That You Have Selected Are Compatible with The Format You Are Using

You can also make sure that the quality image and video quality that you have selected are compatible with the format you are using. If your server is not able to handle the compression, your visitors will not see the high-quality images and videos.

Check For The Size Of The File

One of the top tips on choosing the best video player for blogs is to check the size of the file that you are going to upload. If the file is too big, your visitor may have problems with loading the content.

Compress The Files

Another important tip is to compress the files with the help of your chosen compression codec. It is important to compress videos to ensure that they load faster and in a quality way. After that, you can use your content management system to optimise the site.

These are some of the tips on choosing the best video player for blogs. Keep in mind that the quality of your visitors’ experience is worth more than the price you paid for your video hosting service.

Use Software Available In The Market

For a video player, there are a lot of softwares available in the market. The thing that you need to keep in mind is that the quality of the software matters most.

Get The Advice of Expert

It is best to get the advice of experts on what is the best video player for your blog site, you can go ahead and choose the best video player. One of the video player experts is Ziggeo, you may visit to get information about video players on blog sites and to learn more about videos.

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