How to Wipe Your Mac and Reinstall macOS from Scratch

Are you bored using your old mac and its operating system? Or you are just looking for an efficient way to clean and keep your machine updated?



Are you bored using your old mac and its operating system? Or you are just looking for an efficient way to clean and keep your machine updated? For the first scenario, we are going to show you how you can uninstall and then reinstall your macOS and for the second scenario, yes this method that we are going to show of deleting your files and reinstalling a fresh version of macOS can help you get a new perspective for your machine.

How to Wipe Your Mac and Reinstall macOS from Scratch

And if you are selling or giving away your mac to either a random guy that you found on eBay or craigslist or your relative. Through this method, you can easily delete your files that are important and personal so that the person getting the mac can’t access them. Most of the max users think by just deleting their profile they have wiped everything.

At this point, they think wrong as there are some files some sort of data that can be vulnerable to you left in the mac, and through some access, that person can access your vulnerable data. So, you don’t just delete your profile you have to wipe it all clean.

But before we start the procedure you make sure that you have backed up your data that you are deleting. Either you can back it up on another computer or an external hard drive up to you but make sure to back it up at least those files and data which are important to you.

Backing up your data is a good idea if you are switching your device or wiping it clean or doing none but backing up your data for every new work is an intelligent move. So, either way, make sure that you are always prepared for the worst or always have a second option.

Step 1- Boot from Recovery Mode or an Installer:

The best way to wipe your computer is through the recovery mode of your mac. It can be a treasure worth of tools in your hand and because of then, you can easily make sure that you have wiped it all. To go in the recovery mode you need to shut down your pc and restart it again but while you are holding command+R on your keyboard. This action will directly shoot you to the PC’s recovery mode.

But if you have an older mac and you haven’t updated yet. By older mac I mean a mac of 2010 version or even earlier then this shortcut key won’t work for them you need to hold the option when the computer is turning on and then select the recovery partition of the mac.

But what if none of these options work for you. Yes, it is possible but you should definitely not panic because when it comes to computers than one thing can be done with different methods. Yes! If you can’t find a recovery partition or it does not open for you then click or rather press the command+shift+R from your keyboard to have a Network Recovery partition. And perform this action when the computer is restarting or just starting.

Now, what it will do is? It will download a recovery partition from the cloud and with that partition, you can make a bootable USB drive and then insert the partition in it. As it is bootable you can now access this USB from the firmware of mac meaning from the start menu of mac. While starting press and hold the option key to access the bootable USB and there you will find the recovery partition. Voila! The deed is done.

By far we have just entered the recovery mode now it’s time to wipe the computer safely and securely.

Step 2- Securely Wipe your Hard Drive (Optional):

There are some people who want a fresh operating system and you can install it we are telling you the method. But what if you want to keep all your data and just reinstall the OS, that is also possible by just skipping this step and moving on to number 3.

But if you want to wipe all your data then you are in the right spot and you can do that by just wiping out the hard drive that you have used in your computer. Everything is stored in the hard drive from OS to all your data files so, if you want to delete files then this is the method that you should not skip.

Now: enough with the trash talk you were saying this right? Start with the relevant topic! Well, here it is then going to your macOS installer and there you will find a macOS utility option select that. Under that option, you will find disk utility choose it and it will take you to another page.

Don’t worry this was supposed to happen on this you will see a few options on top and select utility from those options. I know what you are thinking there are lots of utilities here. Well, what can we do about that right?

Moving on, under that utility drop-down menu you will find disk utility again select that. Then again it will direct you to another page where you will see your disk and all the information related to your disk will appear there. There will be few options on top First Aid, partition, erase, restore, mount, info.

From these options select the erase option because obviously, you want to erase your drive. Then there you will see security option choose that option after clicking the erase disk option. In that option, you will be offered to enhance the security of the disk and if you feel paranoid then you should or if not then leave it as it is.

Then you will name the disk and keep the name simple yet dashing. I prefer Macintosh but it is completely up to you because it is your computer. And finally, you are at the stage of erasing the disk.

You have to wait for 30inutes or so until the dost is erased and then you can move forward to your next step that is…….

Step 3- Reinstall macOS:

When your data is completely wiled away then you are now ready to reinstall macOS in your computer to get a fresh perspective of the operating system.

Reinstalling the macOS is easy and it can be barely an inconvenience you just need a booted USB stick that holds the latest version of macOS. This you can either get it or you can create it completely up to you. When you have booted the USB stick on the Mac then it will launch a screen.

This screen holds all the vital information that you need to put before installing a new macOS. Then click ok and it will direct you to another page which will offer you the feasibility of selecting the drive that you want macOS to get installed in.

Remember we have renamed the disk choose that disk and whatever you gave the name I suggested Macintosh but you might prefer a different one. So, choose that drive, and that’s how your macOS will get installing in your Mac.

Told you reinstalling the macOS is simple and easy you just have to follow the protocol and everything happens in a smooth line. Thus now: you are able to securely uninstall and delete your data from your Mac and then reinstall the OS again.

If you watch different tutorial videos then it would help you even more and you can follow them step by step. So, now: if you were typing in how to delete data and reinstall the OS in then this is how you do it.


Having the best procedure to follow can be an excellent work of time right. When you know what you are doing then most of the pressure and tension are released. So, when you are doing this procedure then make sure that you don’t do anything stupid that can mess this up follow every step that I have told you, and then you will be able to safely and securely remove all your data from your Mac and reinstall the OS easily.

When you find something easily and quickly than you would think it js fake right this procedure is tested and well-skilled. So, this has been used by several people and it is made sure that you are not out of that line. There is not a chance of a mishap as I have discussed every contingency plan that you could face while doing this procedure. So, make sure that you follow this guidance to achieve and get what you want.

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