Kratom: Convenience Or Crisis?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa is a herbaceous plant that grows in different parts of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua


Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa is a herbaceous plant that grows in different parts of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and sometimes Malaysia. Kratom is considered as a natural relaxant and stimulant with curative and restorative properties. It has been in use by the people of Southeast Asia since the nineteenth century.

While those people directly chewed the leaves of kratom after plucking it from the trees, there are certainly many methods of consuming kratom nowadays ranging from capsules, powder, tinctures and teas. It really depends on one’s preference and desire to what form he wants to choose from. There is absolutely no discrimination when it comes to the effects, no matter what the method of consumption is.

What makes kratom reliable?

The quality of kratom solely depends on two things. One is the seeds and the environment that kratom grows in. This environment is favoured by the temperature, humidity, rain and soil pH of Southeast Asia, compliments all of these factors.

 The other point is the vendor who is selling kratom products. Since kratom is popular universally now, a lot of its leaves and products are imported and sold online. These online markets are an easy way of buying best kratom but with the increasing popularity, a number of fraud sites have also emerged that sell kratom under false names and artificially coloured fake powder. This powder has absolutely no effect on the body and can be harmful.

What are the effects of kratom?

There are numerous benefits of kratom. It not only acts as a sedative or stimulant but also helps with improving focus and concentration, provides energy, boosts the immune system, helps with opioid withdrawal symptoms, relaxes the muscles and maintains proper function of organs like heart, liver and kidney etc.

Kratom in the form of tea has been especially popular amongst the working class as it is exactly what they need after a long, tiring day. This tea helps lose their muscle tension and creates a calm atmosphere for the body to relax in. Kratom belongs to the same family as coffee and can be used as an alternative to it. It gives off the same stimulating effects and does not contain caffeine.

Whereas kratom has been making rounds around the globe, there have been many concerns following it, especially if it is physically addicting or has any long-term side effects or not. There has been researches and tests conducted over what exactly kratom contains so that if it is highly beneficial then it can be introduced into the markets and become a great deal for the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately, because of limited evidence, there cannot be any claim made about kratom but it has been labelled as a ‘drug of concern’ by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States whereas it is not confirmed if it is a drug or not.

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While many frequent and infrequent kratom consumers have vouched for its amazing results, there have been no cases reported about its negative effects. It is a well-established fact that excess of everything can be harmful which is why there lies a need to monitor and control the amounts of kratom taken.

Lower doses of kratom which are from 2g-5g are enough to kick in the effects and if the effects are not achieved by this amount, this means that the quality of the product is not up to the mark. Any dosage that exceeds 8g-10g will be considered as high and has the potential to cause harmful consequences.

It is better to stay under control and be mindful of your health and well-being. It is recommended to buy from authentic vendors who have good reviews on their websites and the ones that give lab test reports about all the products that they sell so that there is no benefit of the doubt.

Kratom is a convenience and not a crisis if taken properly!

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