5 Most Important Components of A Successful PPC Marketing

5 Most Important Components of A Successful PPC Marketing: PPC is simple if you properly combine it with a digital marketing online aid to make a better...


A previous study conducted by Europubllic organization embarked that on average small business proprietors spend at least $1100 on PPC (pay-per-click). It is worth repeating that old axiom “you get what you pay for” in PPC businesses waste their one-fourth of PPC budget on campaigns that do not produce results.

5 Most Important Components of A Successful PPC Marketing

The problem is not that these PPC does not work but their hired digital marketers are not savvy enough to produce desirable results or some of the times these business owners try to do themselves without having any knowledge. These all can be sought out by PPC Course in Delhi and run a successful result-oriented PPC marketing campaign. We are sharing key factors and important components to generate high-quality ads and campaigns.

1- Keyword Selection

Specificity, which means choose keywords that are more relevant to your business. Every time you run a PPC ask yourself – Can you be more specific? Choosing the most relevant keywords to your business you will avoid wasting lots of bucks that result in poor campaign performance. If you go full-fledge learning of digital marketing institute in Delhi online, you will get expert tips to ensure a strong connection with the users who are searching for the products or services offered by your company

2- Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

USP is a unique selling proposition that will define your product to stand out of the competition and will set your campaign separated from competitors. USP is a crucial snippet in your content and advertisement. It serves alone as the main reason your visitors will convert into sales.

3- AD extensions

This one of the ignored features in PPC can be learned in the PPC Course in Delhi will make a real difference. There are several kinds of extensions available that have specific results such as for mobile we have call extensions. Other extensions include special offers, location, and products – your extension choice may vary on the nature of your business.

4- Split Testing

Every digital marketer or business owner should make use of split testing, measure the Split Testing performance. This principle is to test small variations or changes to know which variations will work best on your website and will generate the best Click Through Rate. Small variations consist of ad copy, display URLs, Calls to Action, and description.

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5- Website Analysis

What appears after the click-through, when a user reaches your landing page or website? Only website analysis can explain the process with the right answer. There are some free and paid software in the market to analyze your PPC advertising visitors’ activity on your site. This data will help you resolve issues related to your advertisements.


PPC is simple if you properly combine it with a digital marketing online aid to make a better cohesive strategy – to convert and connect with prospective customers. By giving careful attention to the above 5 most important components you can create a successful pay per click campaign.

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