Which is the Best Option When It Comes to the Solar Inverter with Panel and Battery?


As solar systems emerge as a viable source of cheap and clean energy, Indians are quickly implementing it in their houses and places of work. However, most people make the mistake of focussing too much on the solar panels’ specifications. Rather, you need to spend time thinking about what kind of inverter and inverter battery to use based on your needs and budget.

Now, picking the perfect system with the right solar inverter with a solar panel and battery is no easy task, which is why we have put together this useful guide comparing the available options.

Traditional Solar System

Which is the Best Option When It Comes to the Solar Inverter with Panel and Battery1

There are three crucial components in a traditional solar system setup, which costs around INR 25,000.

  • The Solar Panels

In this setup, the solar panel is a 165 W Polcy Crystalline PV Module, which lasts the long and has the high efficiency. Another advantage of these solar panels is that they do not take up much space on your rooftop.

  • Solar Inverter Battery

Here, a 150Ah Tubular Solar Battery is employed. Your power backup requirements and load are what determines the capacity of the battery you need.

  • Solar Inverter

For this, a 1150 VA solar inverter is utilized. As the highest-rated off-grid, single–battery solar inverter in India, it requires less maintenance and helps the battery last long due to sine wave & ASIC technology. Notably, it comes with an LED display.

  • Components Needed for Installation

This budget-friendly option requires DC wire, an MC4 connector, and a 3 Panel Stand for installation.

The Latest Solar System

At a price of INR 45,000, this PV module comes with better performance and advanced features that will come in handy in both homes as well as commercial spaces. Here are the components that this PV module has.

  • The Lithium Inverter Battery

The lithium battery of 1000-Watt Hour needs only about 2-4 hours to reach full charge. It is also aesthetically pleasing, safe for children, portable, and lasts longer than conventional lead-acid batteries. Further, there is a digital display for you to track the level of charge.

  • Solar Inverter

A solar inverter of 1100 VA, which generates power from a solar panel, is used here. For a single battery, it is the highest-rated off-grid solar inverter in the nation. Apart from the LCD feature, it is wall mountable and comprises inbuilt Lithium Battery .

  • Solar Panels

The 390W Mono-crystalline high efficiency PV Module used here is especially suitable for all weather conditions. It is worth noting that the BIS-certified solar panel comes with a minimum warranty of about 25 years.

  • Components Needed for Installation

Installing the PV module is uncomplicated and requires only an MC4 Connector, DC Wire, and 3 Panel Stand as with the previous setup.

The Cost-effective Option

This setup for your electricity and power backup needs will cost around INR 50,000. The essential components are as follows.

  • Solar Inverter

Here, an 1150 VA Solar Inverter with a 150Ah Tubular Solar Battery is what is used for transforming power from the solar panels into usable electricity. The device also comes with a dual display a combination of LED & LCD that allows users to check battery charging time in hours, solar usages and also the power backup time.

  • The Solar Panels

4 x Best Polycrystalline Solar Panel with 165W Power in 12V, which are high efficiency and can produce powerrun all your load, will be a great fit for this PV module with nearly 25-year warranty. To maximize power generation, solar panels can be installed at the height of 1.5 meters from the ground.

  • Components Needed for Installation

The installation is quite complicated, but with the help of an expert and the right components, such as the MC4 Connector, 3 Panel Stands, and DC Wire, you will be on your way to uninterrupted power supply.


You now have enough information to choose the optimal PV module for your home/ commercial needs in a cost-effective manner. It is important to pick the right module from the right manufacturer, especially when it comes to key components, such as the double battery inverter. For all your queries on the same, reach out to Genus, the undisputed leader in world-class inverter systems for every situation.

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