Manufacturing Bi Dashboards

Manufacturing BI is a data analytics solution that improves the efficiency of a manufacturing business. It organizes data and provides granular insight.

Manufacturing Bi

Manufacturing BI is a data analytics solution that improves the efficiency of a manufacturing business. It organizes data and provides granular insight into the company’s operations. It allows managers to track machine downtime and improve quality. It also helps management reduce waste by tracking inventory levels.

The most important function of manufacturing BI dashboard is production management. It allows managers to track machine downtime, and predict problems with production and delivery times.


In manufacturing, a dashboard is essential for monitoring and optimizing production. In this way, companies can avoid inefficiencies that can reduce output and raise costs.

Just like a car dashboard, it displays, in graphical or chart form, key metrics that indicate performance. But unlike traditional monitors, manufacturing dashboards can be accessed from any point in the world. This allows users to stay updated with the latest information, enabling them to make better decisions and take faster action.

In addition, this real-time data also provides feedback to workers on their progress. The project control dashboard, for example, can help managers confirm the time and task requirements so they can arrange the manufacturing schedule accordingly. It can also provide a dynamic view of actual versus expected unit counts, making it easier for supervisors to spot potential problems and take quick action. For example, they can order additional materials or add line capacity in real time. They can even spot inefficiencies and unforeseen issues before they affect production.


A manufacturing KPI dashboard lets production managers see at a glance the most important data from their business. It can make it easier to keep up with goals, address problems before they become disasters, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

For example, a manufacturer could use the machine downtime dashboard to measure the number of hours per day that equipment is out of commission. This metric can help manufacturers find ways to reduce unscheduled downtime and increase overall machine efficiency.

Another helpful manufacturing KPI dashboard is the scrap rate metric. This dashboard shows how many products were deemed unusable due to manufacturing defects that couldn’t be fixed before being shipped out to customers. It gives companies insight into what processes need to be improved to reduce this wasteful percentage.

The P&L manufacturing BI dashboard increases the financial control of the company by analyzing sales dynamics and the main structures of the company’s activity. It includes the cost of goods sold, gross profit and financial income, and expenses that create net income.


Manufacturing is a complex business that requires a lot of coordination to deliver customer value. Each department has unique needs – sales departments want visibility into top-selling products, purchasing teams need to keep an eye on vendor performance and the supply chain, and management wants big-picture overviews of the organization’s profitability and trends. Dashboards provide a customized view for each role.

BI tools like Power BI streamline data collection and aggregation to deliver valuable insights into inventory levels across warehouses, sales channels, and other locations. This provides better resource utilization, less waste, and higher productivity.

Inventory analysis dashboards allow managers to see the big picture. They can monitor on-hand, committed, and available inventory, as well as reorder points and vendor performance. This type of dashboard can help reduce inventory issues that lead to lost sales and customer friction. Role-specific dashboards can also make it easy for users to track important daily tasks, such as monitoring open POs and reorder points.


Managing a manufacturing business can be a complex task. It involves a lot of moving parts, and keeping track of all the different data points can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a solution. Manufacturing dashboards can simplify the process of monitoring manufacturing KPIs and analyzing performance.

Our MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD uses Power BI to create a visual representation of your business’s performance. Reports are available from any point in the world, and they’re regularly updated the moment you see them. You can then regulate your workflows according to these fast reports and improve the way you do business.

Whether you’re tracking cost savings or calculating ROI, this dashboard template makes it easy to visualize your financial data in real-time. It allows you to monitor all of your important metrics in one place, and it also includes a Gantt chart for a more comprehensive view of project timelines. Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to make informed decisions that improve business performance and help you achieve success.

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