The Not to Do List in Your Online Wedding Invitation

Picking out your invitation cards is one of the enjoyable wedding planning tasks you 're going to do. Your invitation should give your guests a snapshot.


Picking out your invitation cards is one of the enjoyable wedding planning tasks you ‘re going to do. Your invitation should give your guests a snapshot of the fun to come, including all the need-to-know-info.

To be sure that you’re delivering all the correct information to all the right people — and that everything’s according to the plan — there are a few things to pay particular attention to before you sign off. From architecture to planning, these are the most popular forms of wedding invitation errors that couples make — not to warn you, but to help you from having them.

How do I build online invitations?

Believe it or not, but it’s effortless to build an online wedding invitation. In reality, you can even create a wedding invitation on your phone, because it’s a SMARTPHONE. Isn’t that awesome! What you need to do is head to the play store where you’ll find a vast range of invitation card builder apps like Invideo, and these applications are available for both iOS and Android phones. You can even use a YouTube movie maker to make a video invitation.

Do not pack every single element into one invitation design

Although everyone recommends giving your invitation suite a personal dimension, less is always better. In other words, though you might be fascinated with the flower design of your outfit, the futuristic layout of your reception place, and the thought of maybe incorporating your pets, doesn’t attempt to stuff anything into your stationery. Instead, work with your stationer to choose the right balance of one that you love.

Knowing when to send them out

Online wedding invites aren’t decades old in India. Yet they are a phenomenon that has only been a standard over the last few years. That’s why you ought to concentrate on making sure that your wedding page and your invitation are among the top goals in the early stages of preparation. The time when you should mail out your invites is eight weeks until your big day, and 12 weeks if it’s a wedding spot. There is ample time for visitors to make reservations and schedule their departures.

Colors, themes and designs

We’re all about having pop invitations of color, whether they’re loud and vibrant or light and pastel — but as with number one error, don’t get too carried away. Also combine vibrant colors with something more subdued, and ensure the text is readable. Hold the choice in three or five shades, including one or two neutral tones, such as ivory, cream, gold or tan. Always note that the most critical part of the invitation is the document, stop utilizing so much style and color to attract focus away from the material. Use the Invideo website that will help you neutralize and suggest unique colors for your online card.

Including information that is not part of it

At the root of it, the invites are descriptive, accounting for how, when and where to rejoice. Yet there are a few specifics that don’t belong on the official invitation card — no matter how relevant they might be. Such queries provide access to your wedding page and your records.

Send all of your implicit contribution queries to your page, or feel free to attach an extra link to your invitations. Other details to leave your actual invitations are the preference for an adult-only wedding, as well as any exclusive event that only guests should attend. Asking someone to attend your wedding can be worded in several ways. The details to be conveyed via the invitation should not be unnecessary or inadequate.

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Beginning an online wedding invitation with a brief poem or quotation would give you a pleasant feeling. Make sure that additional material, such as pre-or post-wedding activities, is given to those invited. You will also note the dress code and, most notably, a link to your wedding website. If you include a link to your website on the invitation, guests can browse through your gift registry and get detailed information.

Purchase of Postage Without Measuring Sample

We know you’re ready to order invites and cross another item off your list, but postage is a famously tricky aspect (and expense) that couples fail to remember. Weighing invites to the nearest post office will first spare your severe headaches later. The last thing you want to contend with is the utter inconvenience in having the invites rejected owing to a shortage in postage.

Long Hotel URL’s

Most often, the URLs that you link to your party invitation to block hotel rooms are sometimes extraordinarily long and tend to look cluttered in the wedding details. So instead of getting it on your wedding invites, you can easily add your lodging information and descriptions to your wedding website.

Grammar and Proofreading

Misspelling the identities of your in-laws or giving missing digits of your phone numbers will be stopped at all times. Proofreading the request, several times before you give them out is a must. You may also ask your relatives and close friends to help make sure there are zero mistakes. When it comes to content that goes into invitations, you can use a particular “invitation maker”. For example, if you specify a spiritual location, you might say, “Request the honor of your presence at …” For a more informal way, you can go with, “We would be pleased if you would join us at …” There is no need to provide the street address of a well-known venue. Door numbers are allowed, but there is no need for postal or zip codes.


Through selecting the right site to get the invitation, you will apply the RSVP details to the invitation itself and get the RSVP of the guest with a few quick clicks. It’s a priceless element. It lets you get important headcount information that goes a long way to helping you schedule events accordingly. As described earlier, online invites are very new and maybe a challenge for some people. That’s why any invitation should be followed by a phone call from you, based on your location.

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