7 Ways To Make Your Online Hobby Classes Interesting For Your Trainees

Hobbies are any activity done routinely in your leisure time for entertainment, recreation, or self-satisfaction. Collecting items, creating artwork...


Hobbies are any activity done routinely in your leisure time for entertainment, recreation, or self-satisfaction. Collecting items, creating artwork, or even playing a various sport, are examples of hobbies.

A hobby brings fun into the boring and mundane lives of people. It is therapeutic in nature. Doctors, psychiatrists,  educationists, and almost everyone agrees on the importance of hobbies in one’s life. Your hobby speaks a lot about you as a person. It tells about your character and personality traits. A hobby is like food for your soul. The more you eat, the more you want to eat again. This keeps the force inside you alive.

7 Ways To Make Your Online Hobby Classes Interesting 

Earlier, people used to go to separate classes to develop hobbies and interests. The digital age has led these classrooms to everyone’s mobile phones and computers. Life has grown to become very comfortable.

People are attending dance classes, art classes, and all kinds of hobby classes online. They are learning how to cook with the help of videos and online recipes. This digitalization has forced another problem to the surface before us.

Now that every other hobby class is online, people are finding it very troublesome to maintain their hobbies. They fret about the classes being a bit boring than conventional classes.

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Trainers are clueless as to how they can get people involved in their online hobby classes. The trainees are also finding it difficult to keep up with their hobbies.

The question of the hour is, how can we make online hobby classes more engaging for the trainees? A little effort from the trainers can prove to be very effective.

The following tips focus on elucidating the same –

Communication is Key

When you can’t meet your students face-to-face, a communication gap creeps up between the trainer and the trainee. This block can be eliminated only through proper communication.

As a trainer, it is your job to make sure the communication is intact. Try initiating conversations and get familiar with your students. Even if it is not conducive at first, rest assured that it will benefit you in the long run.

Write messages or e-mails, anything that your students are comfortable with. Try encouraging your students to do the same. Ask them what they did with their free time in the previous days. This will help a lot.

Listen Closely

For a teacher, it is extremely crucial to listen to what his/her students have to speak. It almost every time tells you if you are going at the right pace or not.

Everything that the trainees have to speak about the classes is conceivably feedback if you listen closely. Trainees’ attitude towards the trainer also expresses a lot.

Develop an Interactive Classroom Online

Use innovative techniques of instruction to make your classes more and more exciting. You can even invite a guest trainer to give them a new experience.

Let the guest trainer share his own experiences, struggles, and motivate your trainees to do more. This way, your students will find your classes entertaining and obtain a new experience every time.

7 Ways To Make Your Online Hobby Classes Interesting For Your Trainees

You can also give them virtual outdoor tours to make your classes more appealing. Technology has made a lot of things more accessible. Let this technology aid you.

Encourage People to Share Their Own Works

Classes become more exciting if students have a chance of sharing their own vision with the teacher or fellow students. Assign different works to your trainees and ask them to present it before the class.

This will help in boosting the trainee’s morale and help them feel more connected to the class and fellows too. Always encourage people to come forward and share.

Use Information Through Videos

Videos are the most reliable method to teach anything. You can either design your own videos or share some other videos with your trainees in order to teach them more effectively.

Videos are conducive to providing some kind of hands-on experience, letting the people get immersed in the experience completely.
You can shoot your own video and upload it to YouTube for more people to see. Here is a YouTube clip maker to help you out.

You can also use this online video maker to create new and innovative videos to help your students develop new hobbies and make your classes more interesting.

Connect Your Content to Current Events

Classes become more interesting if students can relate to them through the real world. Give them real-world instances and ask for their help. Remember, interaction is the key.

You can also give them assignments related to current affairs. Ask them for their opinion on what is happening in the world. What would they do if they had to handle it by themselves?

This will help them develop more realistic behaviour towards their hobbies. Also, they will be able to realize their love and passion for their hobbies in the real world too.

Let Students Become Your Teachers

Let your students be the teachers for a period. Allow them to choose topics and teach other fellow students. This will help them develop leadership and other important skills.

Their enthusiasm will increase, resulting in a shared response from their classmates too. Also, it would give you a day off as well. There is no point in trying too hard. Let things flow naturally.

Being a good teacher doesn’t mean you have to be serious and grumpy all the time. You can laugh a little, joke around, and even prank your students sometimes too. Learning is fun, and it should be that way.


You have to be ready to learn from your trainees too. Everyone has a lot to teach, and you can learn from just about anyone if you’re interested enough.

Moreover, it’s a hobby class. Relax, stay easy, and take a chill pill. People are in your class to pass the time while learning something valuable. Make sure you give them what they need to learn.

A hobby can never be forced upon someone. You have to be delicate with the trainees before they are ready. You don’t want to discourage them before they even start. Always remember, slow and steady wins the race. Good Luck!

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