Professional Packaging Labels vs. DIY Labels: Which Is Better?

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Are you looking to save money on those inventory labels? If you’re trying to decide if you should try doing it on your own, the answer is likely no. No matter what you choose to package, you need professional label printing.

This type of printing is something that many small business owners forget to consider. You need a system to ensure they arrive intact and are returned to you undamaged.

But what are the options and where do you begin? Keep reading to learn if DIY labels are a good alternative to professional packaging labels.

Let’s get into it!

Cost Considerations of Professional vs. DIY Labels

The cost should be weighed against the benefits in terms of quality, clarity, accuracy, and longevity. Almost every product on today’s market must carry its own label, which is often required according to local and federal laws.

Because of this, it is important to ensure that labels meet the standards of compliance. If the labels are not accurate or are of poor quality, this can lead to costly fines that could hit both the producer and consumer.

While DIY labels may cost less upfront, they could end up being more expensive in the long run. Ultimately, the decision must be weighed based on the particular needs of one’s business.

Quality Comparisons for Each Option

Professional labels are made with superior-quality materials that provide a more polished look. They are usually printed on higher-quality materials such as paper, plastic, or fabric.

They are also using advanced printing techniques such as:

  • lithography
  • flexography
  • letterpress

All of these guarantees results with a professional level of excellence. Additionally, you can have assured consistency with each label that is being produced.

Not only that! The artwork used on packaging labels is more efficient because a skilled artist is used to create each design. On the contrary, DIY labels may be ideal for short-term packaging needs, but may fade over time and eventually need to be replaced.

In short, they may be cheaper upfront, but often lack the quality and longevity of its counterpart.

Applications for Self-Made vs. Professional Labels

For one, professional packaging labels offer a look and feel of quality. They can also come with a variety of features including:

  • waterproofing
  • UV protection
  • RFID tracking,

On the other hand, DIY labels can be customized quickly and easily using template software or printing services. As a result, they can be an ideal choice for small businesses or for those on a tight budget who still want a quality look for their products.

Ultimately, the key is to weigh the various applications for each type of label and determine which is the best fit for your particular needs.

If you’re considering professional labeling for your business, check out Designs Unlimited to request your preferred design and to get your branding right.

Considering Time Investment Between Professional vs. DIY Labels

The decision between professional packaging labels or DIY labels depends on your needs and budget. Professional custom label printing will provide high-quality, well-designed labels, while DIY labels allow for more creative control and are often cheaper.

No matter which option you choose, the right label can help your brand stand out and make a lasting impression. Consider the factors above to help you make an informed decision.

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